Relive your Raspberry Pi with these curious accessories

Relive your Raspberry Pi with these curious accessories

Accessories to squeeze your Raspberry Pi

Depending on the type of project and use you have planned to give the Raspberry Pi, you will need some accessories or others. The ones you are going to see here are very focused on somewhat more complex projects, but with a little patience and a good guide they are easy to carry out by anyone. And what is clear is that squeeze the possibilities of the plate much more Most popular development.

PiCar-S, a vehicle that you can program

S-Sting It is a car in which the Raspberry Pi acts as a control center. Thanks to this and the programming languages ​​by blocks, you can program actions that you will carry out. It also includes ultrasound sensors with which to detect obstacles.

It is a good and interesting option for little ones to introduce themselves to the topic of robotics. And if you or they have more advanced knowledge, being able to carry out others vehicle related projects and autonomous systems.

Pi Top 2, everything you need to have your own laptop

In addition to home automation and other more advanced uses, the Raspberry Pi has always been a very interesting mini computer for the joint use of Linux distributions. With this Pi Top 2 you get a very well built housing where it is already includes a keyboard, trackpad and screen. If you are looking for a small and handy Linux laptop to introduce the little ones to technology, this is a good option.

GeeekPi Armor

GeeekPi Armor It is a small accessory that allows improve the dissipation of the placa and its components. The temperature issue is not a big problem in the Raspberry Pi, but there are uses and cases where it can increase and it is better to stay at certain levels. So this is a great ally.

4G / LTE communication module

East communication module It is undoubtedly one of the most specific modules, but think of all the possibilities it offers in projects related to the tracking of objects. You can program a device that sends the exact position at all times, alerts or messages when certain events occur. That said, it is for very specific cases, but being able to have 4G / LTE and GPS connectivity can make a difference.

Touch screen for Raspberry Pi

Have a touch screen to control the system and applications of the Raspberry Pi can be very interesting. Imagine, for example, access to a home control or, simply, any other type of software that you want to install and control in a tactile way. This offers a 7-inch diagonal panel and a resolution of 800 x 480 pixels.

If you are looking for something of greater diagonal, with integrated battery and a housing that allows a better integration take a look at the RasPad. Device with touch screen, resolution 1280 x 800 pixels and a battery with up to 4 hours of autonomy. The only thing you should add: the Raspberry Pi.

Camera for Raspberry Pi V2

Is the official camera for Raspberry Pi, a sensor signed by Sony that offers a resolution of 3280 x 2464 pixels and the ability to record video at 1080p resolution. To use it as a webcam or have an indoor security camera is an interesting option.

Night vision camera

If the previous one was a normal camera, this is a night vision camera. What could you use it for? We do not believe you need respect, to create a surveillance camera for the night among many more uses that you will surely find. With 5 MP resolution and 1080p video recording capacity, it is not bad to mount a surveillance system.

Adafruit PiTFT

If you are looking for a smaller screen with touch support, this screen Adafruit PiTFT It is what you need. A 2.8 ″ TFT panel with 320 x 240 pixel resolution. Yes, it is low resolution, but the idea is to use it to show small interfaces and menus of applications or services. It might even be interesting for use with old control emulators.

Waveshare Game Hat

Finally, this case designed for large Raspberry Pi models includes a gamepad and a screen to turn the Raspberry Pi into a whole portable console. Possibly, if you do not want to have to connect to a TV or external screen, it is a very comfortable option to play those emulators that you like.

Ready, with all this you can go giving new uses or drawing ideas to see what could be your next project with the Raspberry Pi.


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