Relive a rare version of Quake for PC

Relive a rare version of Quake for PC

Quake Arcade Tournament Edition

In 1996 the first installment of Quake was released, a video game that today is extremely popular among all lovers of the FPS genre (first person shooter games). What’s more, together with DOOM it has been one of the great references for many years and a source of inspiration for current and not so current titles.

Well, the developer title by id Software has had numerous installments, some more popular and some less. But it is possible that, although it sounds like you, you never knew that a Quake arcade machine existed. One in which you could play Quake Arcade Tournament Edition.

As they comment on the blog where they talk about this project, these arcades did not reach the arcades en masse. Yes, those spaces that video game fans of a certain age went to when we had free time to play mythical titles such as Double Dragon, Shinobi, Art of Fighters and even Tetris or Pac-Man among many other great video games of the time and that now, the most nostalgic, we continue to revive thanks to emulators.

Well, that recreational Quake called because it did not integrate the classic lever or joystick but a trackball. And it was obvious, after all, to play Quake you needed an input device that allowed you to control your vision and for this there was no other option at that time than a mouse or a trackball. As the first was not viable for space, they opted for the second.

Although what made this version of Quake remain practically for a few is that together with a very powerful graphic hardware for the time, it also needed a specific input and output card that seemed to limit its use in other PCs. Because, after all, inside the arcade there was a PC running Windows 95.

However, leaving us with past stories, very curious, yes, if today you want play Quake Arcade Tournamente Edition you can do it easily. All you will need is a MAME emulator, available for a multitude of platforms, and the game file that you can find on the mills5 GitHub account.

Once you have it, the installation and execution process is quite simple. Still, everything you need to know is on said website. So, if you are a fan of Quake or you just like to try oddities that few could play, this is your version.


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