Home Mobile Redmi Smart TVs are coming out now! Get ready for a Redmi TV!

Redmi Smart TVs are coming out now! Get ready for a Redmi TV!

Redmi Smart TVs are coming out now! Get ready for a Redmi TV!

After Honor showed us their low-cost Smart TV, it's Redmi's sub-brand Xiaomi's turn to do the same. In the case of Redmi things are slightly easier. Also because Xiaomi is already knowledgeable in the market and has had its Smart TVs for a long time.

According to the information, this image below depicts the boxes of Smart TVs before leaving for stores. Even if the image looks bad, I want you to look closely at the image. I know it has poor quality but I will try to describe as much as possible.

Xiaomi Redmi TV Smart TV

Boxes Describe Redmi TV

If you look carefully we have a big box with 3 landmarks. The Redmi symbol, the Xiaomi symbol and further below the R70A information. That is, Redmi TV 70 "inches.

Rumor has it that Redmi's first Smart TV would be 70 "inches and it looks like this will happen. In addition, the box-to-site perspective indicates that they are large. So we can assume that they are not smartphone-carrying boxes. stores.

What to expect from Redmi's Smart TV

Redmi TV Xiaomi TV

I believe it will not be for now that we will see these Smart TVs in our European market. First we have China and India. The largest markets in the world and those that Redmi has been betting most strongly on. An example of this is the Redmi K20 (high end) which came out in Europe as Mi 9T.

Therefore, I believe that before we see a Redmi TV in Europe we will officially watch Xiaomi TVs. Still, it is worth believing that we will be able to buy this Redmi Smart TV at stores from China that make a living importing this kind of gadgets.

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