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Redesigned AirPods 3 Discovered in iOS 13.2 Code

Redesigned AirPods 3 Discovered in iOS 13.2 Code

The second generation of AirPods saw few improvements over the originals. Apple was conservative, and didn't change the design of its earbuds. Just added a new processor and wireless charging.

The design change may be prepared for the next version of the earphones most popular in the world. The discovery was made by Steve Moser of MacRumores who shared a tweet where it shows the design of the new AirPods in iOS 13.2 beta icons.

The design seems to be quite different in the upcoming earphones. Unlike the early models, these seem to have a silicone part that will extend through the ear canal, similar to the Galaxy Buds and other models.

An interesting detail is that a few weeks ago, a Chinese vendor (52audio.com) shared a photo of what could be the future AirPods 3. As we see in the image below, they match the design described in the iOS 13 icons.

airpods 3
Alleged AirPods 3

Case and earphones will be smaller in new version

Judging from this data, Apple has “thinned” both the headset and the charging box itself. If the battery does not suffer from this, users will certainly appreciate its slightly more discreet design.

AirPods 3 May Have Active Noise Canceling

In either image, a slit appears at the top of the headset, which can play a very important role. This can bring AirPods 3 the desired active noise cancellation. We will soon know if this will be the design of this wireless headset.

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