Home Gaming Red Dead Redemption 2 has arrived on Steam and the players are furious!

Red Dead Redemption 2 has arrived on Steam and the players are furious!

Red Dead Redemption 2 has arrived on Steam and the players are furious!

The anticipated arrival of Red Dead Redemption 2 on the PC came last month and was made available through the Rockstar and Epic Games store. However, the problems were many and the players were extremely frustrated.

Now the game is also available on Steam, giving millions of gamers hope. However, Rockstar has clearly not learned from its mistakes and players are furious.

Red Dead Redemption 2 Steam

Steam release brought even more trouble for Red Dead Redemption 2

Everyone expected the arrival of RDR 2 on Steam to happen smoothly and with the vast majority of previous problems resolved. However, besides that it did not happen, this release eventually brought even more problems.

As with so many other games, despite being available on Steam, Red Dead Redemption 2 continues to be released by launcher Rockstar Many users have seen their Steam account associated with a Rockstar Social Club account to which they no longer have access.

Once this connection is made, you will only be able to play RDR 2 if you can gain access to your old account. Even worse, you'll have even more problems if you eventually block access to your account when trying to find your old password.

Unlike in the Epic Games and Rockstar store, the Steam platform offers the ability to comment on any game available. Thus, with this great "wave" of problems, came a flood of negative comments.


Many users are complaining about various issues with the launcher of the game, which for one reason or another is simply not able to start Red Dead Redemption 2. Apparently, a possible solution to this problem is to turn off the computer's command, turning it on only after the game is launched.

Rockstar is trying to solve all problems

Since the release of Red Dead Redemption 2 for PC, Rockstar has been working hard to try to solve every problem. In fact, the latest update has corrected many of the reported issues as well as bringing about desired performance improvements.

Still, this second release made it clear that RDR 2 for PC is far from promised. If you are looking forward to trying this game on your PC, I advise you to wait a little longer unless you want to spend this extremely frustrated Christmas with Rockstar.

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