Home Mobile Realme reaches 10 million smartphones sold and joins 'big' manufacturers

Realme reaches 10 million smartphones sold and joins 'big' manufacturers

Realme reaches 10 million smartphones sold and joins 'big' manufacturers

Realme is most likely one of the youngest smartphone makers, coming into effect only in May last year. Having started under Oppo, after the launch of its first smartphone, it became an independent manufacturer.

Since then, they have launched a total of 11 smartphones, expanded to various Asian markets and also started venturing into Europe. Plus, in the second quarter of this year, they achieved the incredible feat of placing themselves among the top 10 manufacturers in the world.

Realme 10 million smartphones

Realme will continue to surprise as you venture into Europe

The manufacturer managed to gain prominence in the second largest market in the world, India, against major manufacturers such as Xiaomi and Samsung. Now that they have started 'testing the waters' in Europe, their growth can be expected to continue steadily.

To do this, you need to bet on the arrival of your smartphones in various markets, as they currently only offer Realme 3 Pro. Not being a high-end smartphone, it is certainly an option you should consider if you are looking for a mid-range. . With a base price of € 199, it has very interesting specifications.

Growth at the speed of light

Realme arrived destined for success, and this did not happen by chance. Oppo's strategy resulted in perfection. Entering the Indian market with a super affordable smartphone and competitive specifications was the asset they needed to make their name recognized.

It was not long before all users in this market were aware of the arrival of the new manufacturer. Then its natural growth was done very quickly, but with 'feet and head'. With every smartphone launched in the market, the improvements and evolution in its design were evident, always being able to maintain an excellent price / quality ratio.

Realme 64MP

I recall that currently, along with Redmi, Realme will be among the first manufacturers to introduce a smartphone equipped with Samsung's 64MP sensor.

There is no doubt that Realme is well on its way to becoming one of the largest smartphone makers. However, it will be interesting to see how this growth will continue, hopefully not forgetting the strategy that made it so popular!

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