Realme has already confirmed that it is developing a smartwatch and that it will be known as Realme Watch. We still don’t know when this gadget will be revealed, but we already know its design.

It was during a question and answer session with Madhav Sheth that we saw, live, the first smartwatch from Realme. The head of India for Realme used this gadget throughout the session.

Realme Watch will be similar to Apple Watch

For those who had doubts if what Madhav Sheth used was the first smartwatch of the brand, the confirmation came through the voice of the same. When asked about news about the product, the executive states that the smartwatch is on your wrist and that it will be launched soon.

This statement can be found around the 5:35 minute of the video above. Unfortunately, Madhav Sheth was restrained in his words and the main information retained was even the design of the smartwatch.

Realme Watch

Unsurprisingly, Realme was also inspired by the Apple Watch for its first device of its kind. The popularity of the Apple gadget on the market is so great that more and more brands are trying to get a slice of that success for themselves.

By developing a gadget with a similar appearance, but with a more affordable price, the Chinese hopes that many will feel impelled to buy their Realme Watch. Design isn’t everything, so its features will also be important to its popularity.

Executive confirms new color for Realme 6 Pro and new bracelets for Realme Band

The interview with Madhav Sheth was not restricted to the company’s smartwatch. Over roughly nine minutes, the executive also spoke about other brand products.

The most important news is the confirmation of the purple color for Realme 6 Pro. Additionally, he talks about the launch of new bracelets, with new colors, for his smartband.

Although the interview is in that sly English of the Indians, you can understand much of what is said. If you are interested and have time, relax for 9 minutes and find out everything the Indian CEO of Realme has to say to fans of the brand.

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