Xiaomi took the stage this week to present the Redmi K30 Pro. The device was announced as a true “flagship killer”, but one of the most notable absences is the lack of a refresh rate above 60Hz.

All 2020 Realme tops will have a refresh rate above 60Hz

One of its great rivals is Realme, which took advantage of the “failure” to send a splinter to Xiaomi. Xu Qi Chase, vice president of Realme, turned to Weibo’s social network to say that all smartphones from the brand will have a higher refresh rate (than 60Hz).

It is good to remember that it is not really a novelty for Realme to launch top end models with a high update rate. Both the latest Realme X50 Pro and the previous Realme X2 Pro were launched with a 90Hz refresh rate. And both also have an AMOLED panel.

Having a high refresh rate means that equipment will be more fluid in navigation tasks like scrolling, which we use so much on a daily basis. In addition, it can also be noticed in gaming sessions that take advantage of it.

Redmi K30 Pro
This is the Redmi K30 Pro

It is good to bear in mind that a high update rate will also cause the autonomy of your equipment to drop considerably. That was, moreover, Xiaomi’s justification for keeping the Redmi K30 Pro at 60Hz.

If you want a Xiaomi with 90Hz, you will have to opt for the upcoming Mi 10 or Mi 10 Pro, which are scheduled for presentation on March 27 in Europe. In addition, the Redmi K30 5G was also presented in China with a 120Hz refresh rate, albeit with an LCD panel. On the Realme side, the X50 Pro promises to be a great alternative to Xiaomi’s flagship.

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