It is nothing new for anyone that Realme continues to do everything it can to get as close as possible to Xiaomi, and efforts are sometimes even comical. It has become a habit as the end of each year approaches as manufacturers start to leave clues about plans to launch smartphones with next generation processors, but this year it all started earlier.

Yesterday Apple confirmed the arrival of its most advanced processor ever, the Apple A14 Bionic which is manufactured with 5nm lithography. Also yesterday, we received confirmation that Samsung would have taken control of the production of the Qualcomm Snapdragon 875 also made with this technology.

Now, the race for the title of “First smartphone with SD875” has started and it seems that nobody wants to be left behind. Shortly after the announcement by Apple, Xiaomi’s Vice President hurried to reveal that soon they will also use a processor made with this technology.

Realme Snapdragon 875

Obviously, Realme could not be left behind in this “endless race”, and its Vice President also confirmed the launch of a new line of smartphones that will have equipped the Qualcomm Snapdragon 875.

Realme seems determined to follow Xiaomi’s good and bad examples

Since its inception it has become obvious that Realme would follow in the footsteps of Xiaomi in order to try to win a place among the largest manufacturers in the world. Contrary to what many would think, they managed to do it in record time, already having a solid position among the top manufacturers.

However, much to the disappointment of its fans, it seems that Realme will continue to copy everything that Xiaomi does, both good and bad options. Although Xiaomi is continually subject to much criticism regarding the launch of an endless number of smartphones, Realme is determined to follow the same path.

It has not yet been confirmed concretely, but the image published by Xu Qi Chase on the Chinese social network Weibo, leaves the idea that the brand is preparing the launch of yet another family of smartphones. Currently, the manufacturer already has the X line that usually brings high-end devices. Therefore, it is difficult to justify the launch of an additional line.

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