Realme achieves an impressive number of users in just 2 years!

Realme achieves an impressive number of users in just 2 years!

Realme is one of the youngest smartphone companies in the industry. Originally, the brand appeared as a subsidiary of Oppo in May 2018. Two years later, Realme has 40 million users, spread across the world and is one of the most relevant manufacturers.

Mainly in the Indian market, where it competes fiercely with Xiaomi in the entry-level and mid-range market. In fact, Realme is one of the few brands that has managed to give headaches to the powerful Xiaomi, present in almost all markets worldwide.

We are already 40 million users worldwide! Thank you for putting us on the top mobile brands#realme

– realme Europe (@realmeeurope) July 22, 2020

More specifically, around 150 thousand users joined the Realme universe with the purchase of Realme C11. Previously, the launch of Realme Narzo 10 convinced 70,000 users to join the manufacturer.

With interesting features and low prices, it's no wonder that the Realme strategy is working. After all, the smartphone market is increasingly evolving into inexpensive equipment with above-average features. In that respect, Realme is no exception.

Realme reached 1 million sales in the launch year

In September 2018, 4 months after launching on the market, Realme had already sold 1 million pieces of equipment. In the following year, in August 2019, the numbers already totaled 10 million. Advancing to January 2020, the brand has 25 million pieces of equipment sold, recently reaching the aforementioned 40 million.

At this rate, Realme will easily reach 50 million users by the end of 2020. The COVID-19 pandemic does not appear to have affected sales for the company, which is still on the rise.

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