Realme 3 Pro is the first to receive the desired Realme UI with Android 10

Realme 3 Pro

Recently, Realme officially announced the arrival of its own interface, nicknamed Realme UI. As expected, the interface arrives based on Android 10, offering a variety of cool features that try to keep users from using external launchers.

It has now been revealed that the new interface is already being launched for Realme 3 Pro, the first smartphone to receive the update. Considering that the upgrade brings a completely revamped interface, it has a large package above 3.5GB.

Realme UI brings a giant list of news to Realme 3 Pro!

Since this is the first update that brings the new Realme UI, it is only natural that the list of news is huge, since everything is new.

Realme 3 Pro users will be able to enjoy more attractive and much more efficient visuals thanks to their vivid and easy to identify colors.

Realme 3 Pro

Realme UI brings several features that will ensure users do not need to use other launchers to improve their smartphone usage level:

  • Smart sidebar – this interactive bar comes with the goal of improving one-handed use of your smartphone, as well as making it easy for you to access your favorite apps and games, as well as helping you open apps on split-screen mode.
  • Screenshots – Realme UI makes it easy to capture the full screen of your smartphone by simply pressing and holding the screen with three fingers simultaneously. After capturing the image, the user will have several editing tools available.
  • Focus mode – Similar to the usual game modes, it will minimize distractions, reducing the number of notifications and putting your smartphone in silent mode.

These are just some of the news implemented in Realme UI. It seems that the new interface will win users, and the level of user experience becomes increasingly important when choosing a new smartphone.

We can only wait to find out if the interface will eventually cause delays in the arrival of new Android updates.

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