If you blink you miss it

Razer Blade Pro 17

This new Razer Blade Pro 17 It comes to convince you in seconds. It is true that the prices it manages are not particularly cheap, but if we take into account the list of benefits, we could say that it is even balanced. The available configurations will allow to create several variants that will be differentiated by the graphics model and the refreshment of the screen.

The models that we could find in the market with ninth generation processors will continue to exist. The new versions will be those that mount more modern graphics from NVIDIA and 10th generation processors from Intel, and can now find the option of a GeForce RTX 2070 Max-Q or one GeForce RTX 2080 Super Max-Q, both in turn with the option to choose a screen at 300 Hz (Full HD) and 4K at 120 HZ in the case of the RTX 2080.

The price of 300 Hz

Razer Blade Pro 17

Yes, enjoying an image at 300 Hz will suppose the sacrifice of the resolution, since the panel will remain in Full HD, and we can only choose one 4K screen if we lower the speed to 120 Hz with the RTX 2080. The GeForce RTX 2070 Max-Q will only offer Full HD panels, being able to choose between 144 Hz, 240 Hz and 300 Hz versions. A rather confusing combination for the user.

One of the best laptops on the market

Razer Blade Pro 17

Razer’s proposal remains very clear. They offer a laptop with spectacular measurements with only 19.9 mm thickness, a very elegant design with straight lines and a set of features that with a 512 GB PCIe NVMe SSD (remember that the Xbox Series X disk is this type of storage units), 16 GB of DDR4 RAM and a 70.5 Whr battery, make it an extremely interesting option for those looking for a laptop beyond the game, since it can also be converted into a workstation very portable to consider.

  • Processor: 9th generation Intel or 10th generation Intel depending on version
  • GPU: NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2060/2070 Max-Q / 2080 Max-Q / 2080 Super Max-Q
  • Screen: 17.3 inches Full HD (144/240/300 HZ and 4K at 120/144 Hz depending on version)
  • Storage: 512GB PCIe NVMe SSD
  • Memory: 16 GB DDR4 at 2667 MHz
  • Drums: 70.5 Whr
  • Keyboard: With RGB lighting
  • Gigabit ethernet: 2.5Gb Ethernet
  • USB and Thunderbolt: 3 USB 3.2 Gen 2 (USB-A), USB3.2 Gen 2 (USB-C) ports,
    Thunderbolt 3 (USB-C)
  • Connectivity: Intel Wireless AX201 and Bluetooth 5
  • Webcam: 1MP 720P compatible with Windows Hello
  • Dimensions: 19.9 x 23.5, 35.5 cm
  • Weight: 2.75 Kg

How much?

Razer Blade Pro 17

The most basic model with a ninth generation processor and a GeForce RTX 2060 will continue to be available with a starting price of $ 1,999, but if you are looking for the newest with tenth generation processors, powerful graphics and a 300 Hz screen, you will have the following options:

  • GeForce RTX 2070 Max-Q with Full HD display with 300 Hz per $ 2,599.99
  • GeForce RTX 2080 Super Max-Q with Full HD display with 300 Hz per $ 3,199.99
  • GeForce RTX 2080 Super Max-Q with 4K Touchscreen with 120Hz (1TB) per $ 3,799.99