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Microsoft will launch antivirus for Android and iOS

Using an antivirus on a smartphone is something that the average user has become accustomed to...

Samsung Galaxy S8 will be accompanied by AKG headsets

Finally the grand Samsung Galaxy S8 has been unveiled today. In an event full of pomp...

Mi AirDots Pro 2: You can buy the new Xiaomi Airpods now

Xiaomi launched this week its new Bluetooth headset. MiAirdots Pro 2 are fully wireless earphones and...

Google Maps finally comes to Apple CarPlay with iOS 12

Since the launch of Apple CarPlay, its users have expressed great distaste for navigation system options....

Raspberry Pi store opens and is an open source paradise

Raspberry Pi is a living hardware legend. This device is based on open source ideology, where any programmer can develop without limitations.

In this sense and due to its fame, the Raspberry Pi Foundation has unveiled its new project, a physical store.

The store is specifically located in Cambridge, UK. I confess I never thought this device deserved a store but I like the idea.

Raspberry Pi Store offers a variety of products from the organization.

As mentioned, Raspberry Pi's focus has always been on making code more accessible. The nonprofit has earned a lot of name by producing super cheap computers.

Raspberry Pi are simple devices with ARM-based processors. Firstly this allows processing power in a smaller space. Additionally these processors consume less, cost less and dissipate less heat.

Secondly we have the variety of starters. Raspberry Pi are known to always include several useful connections like USB, HDMI or even VGA. For those who need a computer for simple tasks, it is ideal.

To get an idea, your latest model costs only $ 35. There are also super low cost models around 10 dollars. The concept of having a computer at this value is indeed insane.

Returning to the store, we have a very typical space for a tech store. Soft lighting, wooden floors and decoration in the colors of the brand. Some make the usual Apple Store comparisons. Personally, for a nonprofit organization, the store looks rather premium.

This concept will attract potential consumers who do not know the project. It will also be a place where free code enthusiasts can gather and share ideas.

In short, if you ever make a visit to the United Kingdom, it passes through Cambridge. In addition to computers, the Raspberry Pi Store also sells accessories and merchandising such as mugs and cuddly toys.

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