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Raspberry Pi, DeskPi Pro and Android 11: the ideal mini PC for the TV

Despite the advantages offered by the current Chromecast with Google TV, Fire TV, Xiaomi Mi TV Stick and even Apple TV among other devices, there are users who still prefer to have a team mounted by them. In that sense, if you are looking for a mini PC and you don’t want to invest a lot, with a Raspberry Pi and a couple of other things, like the case DeskPi Pro, you can have it without giving up aspects such as design.

DeskPi Pro

There are numerous cases designed for the Raspberry Pi, as well as countless accessories to adapt this development board to the project we have in mind no matter what it is. What’s more, there is not only the Raspberry Pi that we all know, but also a much more compact model designed for specific uses such as the Raspberry Pi 4 Compute Module.

Even so, it is not always easy to find a case that perfectly combines a sober style with a series of options that allow us create an ideal mini PC to complete our living room TV. Luckily there are always those who are attentive to the requests of many users and provide a product that meets every need.

DeskPi Pro It is a very elegant case, with a black finish and a very attractive and compact design. Although best of all, it includes everything you need to use a 2.5-inch hard drive inside. In this way, you can continue with the system installed on the microSD card and all the files on the unit. For example, movies, photographs or anything else you can think of or need.

In addition, if it were not enough and knowing that the latest version of Raspberry Pi can perform more, the box includes a heatsink that helps lower the temperature of the processor included in the fourth generation of the board.

The price of this case DeskPi Pro for Raspberry Pi is $ 55 And if you are interested, you can reserve it now, because in a few days the first shipments will begin.

Android 11 or Raspbian

Raspberry Pi Android TV

When it comes to equipping the Raspberry Pi with an operating system, you can either bet on the official option, which is Raspbian, or try Android.

In the case of going to the first option you will have a classic computer experience Linux-based desktop. An ideal solution if what you want is to have an experience on your home TV similar to what you would have on your desktop computer. So you can access a full web browser and any online application. That among many other options that make it worthwhile as long as you do not require great power.

Of course there is also the option of use Android, up to version 11 can be installed now. With this you get windows how to enjoy the Android TV experience, which gives the option to even use the many apps available for the Google system. Also, the installation process is not complicated if you follow this tutorial step by step.

And all this without forgetting that you can also install RetroPie to have a retro console with which enjoy multiple emulators. Because there are Nintendo, Super Nintendo, Megadrive or MAME games that are still as fun today as they were years ago. You are looking for a good gamepad and you already have it, the ideal leisure solution if you are not very demanding and you go through all that next gen.


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