The most interesting model of Raspberry Pi 4

New Raspberry Pi 4

Since the launch of the first version of Raspberry Pi in 2012, this development board has become one of the most versatile and interesting gadgets on the market. A product where, for all those who like to tinker and do DIY projects, it is worth every euro invested.

Now, approaching eight years of life and with the Raspberry Pi 4 already in the market for a few months, the Raspberry Pi Foundation has announced that the 2 GB model costs $ 35. That is, it is placed at the same level as the model with only 1 GB of RAM.

That more basic model will continue to exist and the idea is that it is one of the versions that offer, especially, to industrial customers. For the rest, for home users or advanced users who do not have special needs the most interesting model will become this 2 GB of RAM.

Raspberry Pi 4 4K video output

Finally, the top version with 4 GB of RAM maintains its original price of 55 euros. So, the adjustment may be due to a simple matter of costs or to revitalize the sale of a model that was not having enough demand.

Whatever it is, for us as users it is great news. Because at this price there are no excuses to delay the purchase. Also, for certain types of uses the extra memory helps. For the rest, it maintains the same connections, card reader, micro HDMI video outputs and WiFi connectivity among other details.

In addition, it also coincides with the news about the problem with the USB-C cables that has already been solved in the new revisions of the board.

Where to buy the Raspberry Pi 4

Available models Raspberry Pi 4

If you are interested in buying a Raspberry Pi 4 you should know that you can find it in many online stores. To start is the official website, which depending on the country you select will give you purchase options. For example, for UK you have stores like tiendatec, and kubii.

You should know that the price is adjusting, so you can see some small differences between them. If instead of these stores you want to do it through others like Amazon, you will also be able to. You just have to find the version that interests you and period. If it is the Raspberry Pi 4 with 2GB we are talking about, you can click here to buy it.

Once you have it in your possession it is a matter of starting to take advantage of the amount of different projects you can do: from an emulator of old consoles and recreational machines to a media player, NAS server or even a smart home bell.