Raging Surf Card List: Gholdengo Ex Gimmighoul revealed

Gholdengo Ex Gimmighoul Illustration Rares, Jirachi and more from “Raging Surf!”

A rare illustration of Gimmighoul Rare illustrations of Gholdengo Just recently, ex has been revealed. Raging Surf!

Together, both cards form a complete illustration.

The The full-art version of Rika Also revealed was:

Coach supporter

Look Add 2 cards to the hand. ThenShuffle your cards, and then place them in the bottom of the deck.

You Can only play one game Supporter card during your turn.

The The set will include a new piece of music. Jirachi The special energy

– Metal – Basic Pokemon HP70

Abilities: Star Veil attacks
Your opponent's Basic Pokemon Damage counters cannot be placed on the player Benched Pokemon.

[C] Charge Energy: Search You can use your deck to play up to two basic cards Energy Reveal the cards and place them in your hands. Then, shuffle your deck.

Weakness: Fire (x2)
Resistance: Grass (-30)
Retreat: 1

Medical Energy – Special Energy

As As long as the card is attached, it will work. PokemonIt is a. Energy [C].

When You can attach the card you are holding to one of your PokemonHeal that Pokemon The damage is 30.

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