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Qualcomm will launch a more affordable version of its next high-end processor

If you’ve already seen the list of the most powerful Android processors on the market that we launched today, then you’ll already know that Qualcomm is in the spotlight. However, not everything is good news since your SoC´s are getting more and more expensive.

In order to fill this setback, a new rumor indicates that Qualcomm will launch a Lite version of its next top processor, the Snapdragon 875G. It is said by Digital Chat Station, citing a meeting of Oppo executives.

Qualcomm Snapdragon 875G Lite could be launched next year

One of the topics that raised the most curiosity at the Oppo meeting was the mention of several possible Lite versions of the Snapdragon 875G. Of course, none of this is confirmed and the information has not even left the offices of the American company.

Snapdragon 865

But if this is true, Qualcomm is preparing a new strategy to make its next top processor available to the masses. Launch a cheaper model, although this has a very obvious disadvantage.

You don’t have to be very smart to realize that a Snapdragon 875G Lite will mean a less powerful processor. It remains to be seen whether the differences will be very significant, but it is too early to see where Qualcomm will cut.

This news comes in a year in which several entities have complained about the high price of the Snapdragon 865. In order to keep the price of their equipment more affordable, some brands choose to escape this SoC, namely the Google Pixel 5.

Snapdragon 860 was also a topic of conversation

Another curious reference from the Oppo meeting was the Snapdragon 860. Now, by the name, it is speculated that this will be a less powerful version of the Snapdragon 865 and that it can serve as an indication of what to expect from the possible Snapdragon 875G Lite.

This is the first time that we have heard of such a strategy and there is no guarantee that Qualcomm will actually choose this path. In that sense, we have to wait for more details on this topic.

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