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The new Oculus Quest 2 are revealed by a Facebook error

This is the Oculus Quest 2 A mistake has led to the publication of two videos on the platform Facebook Blueprint. The images showed neither...

Apple: Controversy of risks on the iPhone 12 screen is on the rise and no one knows why!

Apple launched the new iPhone 12 with a new type of technology on the screen that...

Canceling carrier contract will be easier! MEO, US, Vodafone and NOWO who get used

Terminating the contract with a telecom operator is no simple task! MEO, NOS, Vodafone and NOWO...

Samsung Galaxy S10 could mark the end of an era for South Korea

The Samsung Galaxy S10 was announced last week and marks a decade of one of the...

Qualcomm doesn't close Apple's 5G partner door

Apple has faced several issues developing an iPhone with 5G support. In this sense, one of its main rivals (Qualcomm) claims not to be completely turned away from Cupertino's company.

Qualcomm president Cristiano Amon recently said his company is still susceptible to a possible supply of 5G modems for future iPhone. Amon says his company is still headquartered in San Diego and Apple officials have his contact number.


Thus, the head of Qualcomm says that if Apple wants its 5G modem, the company is available to negotiate. Statements indicating that the recent friction between them need not necessarily be the end of their cooperation.

Qualcomm is willing to support Apple even with ongoing disputes

Remember that these two companies are involved in various legal disputes. These disputes involve disagreements in terms of patents and royaltieswhose accusations fly from side to side.

As a result, Apple no longer uses Qualcomm modems from the iPhone 8. It is therefore considered that Cupertino's company will have to rely on Intel modems to support a possible iPhone with 5G network support.


However, Intel's plans do not seem to be going as expected and an Apple 5G smartphone could only arrive by 2021. If this timing comes true, it will be a big setback for Cupertino's company, in the view of Cristiano Ammon

In her view, when Apple later enters the 5G market, it will be worse for her. Indeed, the longer this process takes, the more complicated it will be for Cupertino's company to outperform the competition.

Amon believes 5G will be very important for the future of technology.

Christian Amon

Taking advantage of the occasion, Qualcomm's president made some comments about the 5G itself. In your words, this protocol will be just as important as 4G was.

At the time, 4G revolutionized the music world, allowing music to leave the media and move to streamingYour successor (5G) will have exactly the same impact as this time for video playback.

In fact, the latest tests show us that with 5G it will be possible to download entire movies in a matter of seconds. Not only will this change the market itself, but it will naturally increase our propensity to consume such content.

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