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Put music to your summer with these aquatic speakers

How to choose the best speaker to use in the pool

Choosing one of these accessories may seem like an easy task, but the truth is that depending on your specific needs, there are different details that you should consider:

  • IP certification: is the most important feature in this particular case as it directly affects the resistance against water and dust of said accessory. This is represented by a number with two digits: the first shows the dust protection and the second waterproof. The higher both values ​​are, the better this protection will be. On this occasion we recommend that the minimum value for water resistance is IP X4, since it means that the speaker will be able to receive splashes. Another interesting value is the IP X7, which means that it can be submerged in water.
  • Connectivity: normally it will have connection Bluetooth but there are other additions such as NFC that enhance the experience of use by facilitating synchronization with the speaker.
  • Power: Another detail that is also vital if we want our music to be heard loud enough. This parameter is measured in watts (W) and, as you can imagine, the higher the number the higher the maximum volume of this gadget.
  • Autonomy: important feature that gives us an idea of ​​the maximum time that we can use this accessory without going through the plug. This parameter is measured in mAh and the higher the capacity, the longer we can use the device continuously. This time is directly affected by the previous parameter, the power we use. Therefore, the higher this is, the higher the battery consumption and, therefore, the less time we can use it without charging it. Manufacturers usually indicate the approximate number of hours that we can use the equipment with a Full load.
  • Design: Although it is a characteristic that manufacturers usually adapt for those uses that affect the deterioration of their materials, it is something you should keep in mind. If you are going to continuously move this device, it has risks of falls or, even, if you intend to submerge it, our recommendation is that you do not contemplate those units manufactured in materials that give the feeling of being fragile.

The best speakers to use in the pool

Now that you know the main features that you should take into account when buying one of these gadgets for the pool, it is time to choose one. For this reason we bring you a list with some of the best waterproof speaker models that you will find in the market. We start with the one that for us is our favorite.

Our favorite: Bose SoundLink Micro

He Bose SoundLink Micro It is, in our opinion, the best option on the market thanks to the fact that it has a set of quite interesting features. It has the usual sound quality in this brand, accompanied by sufficient power and a crisp sound to enjoy our music in any situation. Has protection IPX7, which makes it completely waterproof, being able to immerse it in it without problems. Its design is sober, although we can acquire it in 3 different colors. From its application we can modify on our smartphone the different parameters regarding the equalization of music. And, regarding the price, taking into account everything it offers and its quality, it is worth paying the 85 euros for which this device is usually around.


Turning now to one of the main alternatives, especially if you are looking for something cheaper, we have another success in sales by Amazon. It’s about the JBL GO 2, speakers with IPX7 protection and autonomy of up to 5 hours of playback (depending on the manufacturer). Also, if you like daring colors, this speaker has a wide catalog of different colors to choose from.

Sony SRS-XB12

Continuing with the economic options of this type of gadgets, we have these Sony SRS-XB12. A small speaker but with spectacular audio quality, in addition to enjoying the typical Extra Bass at Sony. It has IP67 certification and an autonomy of up to 16 hours of continuous playback (according to the manufacturer). We also have in this case the possibility of acquiring them in different colors and for a price of less than 40 euros.

Energy Sistem Music Box Aquatic

Hovering around a price similar to the previous model are Energy Sistem Music Box Aquatic. A speaker that we can immerse thanks to its protection against water. It has a power of 6W and a battery life that promises to reach 14 hours of use. We can change songs from our smartphone or, if we prefer, from the speaker itself thanks to the buttons on the top.

Tronsmart T6 Plus

Of course, if we want a much more powerful option than the previous one and that, even so, it has an adjusted price, we have the Tronsmart T6 Plus. Another of the Amazon sales successes, which have a power of 4o W and autonomy of up to 15 hours of playback. It has IPX6 protection, so we will not be able to submerge it but it will resist water splashes without any problem. From its upper wheel we can control the volume or, if necessary, change the song from the side keypad. And watch out, if you need one powerbank At some point, this speaker will be able to power your mobile without problems.

Ultimate Ears Wonderbooms 2

The Ultimate Ears Wonderbooms 2 Speaker is a wireless speaker that emits 360º surround sound through your entire body. It has IP67 protection and an autonomy of up to 13 hours of playback (according to the manufacturer). All this together with some powerful bass. In addition, if we buy a second unit, we can pair them to listen to the music in stereo and twice, something ideal for having a pool party.

JBL Flip 5

Another interesting alternative are the known JBL Flip 5. A model with the usual power and quality in this brand’s speakers. It has IPX7 protection, so you can immerse it in water without problems. In addition, it includes the «Party Boost» function with which we can connect up to 100 compatible speakers to distribute them throughout the house or garden. Its autonomy will last up to 12 hours of playback with a full charge.

Ultimate Ears Boom 3

Increasing the price above 100 euros we have the Ultimate Ears Boom 3. Wireless speakers with Bluetooth connectivity, with which we can enjoy our music for 15 uninterrupted hours (according to the manufacturer). Like its younger brother that we have already told you about, it also emits 360º sound and has a powered bass system. We can charge it from its USB connector, or using wireless charging if we buy the additional base designed for it.

Sony SRS-XB43

Sony also has high-end speakers for use next to or even inside the pool. These Sony SRS-XB43 They have IP67 protection and, in addition, protection against salt water. ITS battery will allow us to listen to music for 24 hours straight before charging it. And, for the most partying, this includes customizable RGB lights from the “party” app that you can download on your own smartphone.

Bose SoundLink Revolve

Another alternative from the Bose brand itself are the Bose SoundLink Revolve, a loudspeaker with a higher power and, of course, with a larger battery that will allow us to listen to music for 12 consecutive hours. In addition, it can be charged by wireless charging if we acquire the additional basis for this function. Even though it has impressive audio quality, perhaps the point against this speaker is the protection against water and dust. In this case it only reaches IPX4, so it will simply resist splashing. Despite this, if you want the best option in terms of sound quality and power, this is a great alternative.

Sonos Move

Finally, we have the Sonos Move, an ideal speaker if you are looking for the best possible sound quality in a portable format. This has IP 56 protection, so you can use it near water without problems. In addition, it has a charging base in which you will only have to support it to start feeding without stopping the audio playback. It has the integrated Alexa assistant, so you can manage the home automation from your home or, tell the assistant to play music without the need for a smartphone. This is the only model in this selection that, in addition to Bluetooth connectivity, also has WiFi.

These are some of the best wireless speakers what can you use in the pool. Now is the time for you to decide on one of these models depending on your needs. If you have any questions about any of them, do not hesitate to leave us a comment and we will try to resolve it as soon as possible.

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