Alas, copyright and regional restrictions on broadcasts can prevent you from enjoying Netflix content in all its diversity.

The fact is that the Netflix content available to you is determined by your current location. As a result, it is worth to be in another country, as there is a chance to miss new episodes of your favorite series. For example, TV shows such as Parks and Recreation, House MD, and The West Wing are available in the US Netflix catalogue, while in the UK they are not available.

The problem is compounded by the fact that in some other country in the world you will only have access to the local, local Netflix content directory. This means that during your stay abroad you can completely lose the opportunity to watch your favorite shows.

Many literate users to bypass these problems and limitations associated with Netflix, due to the use of virtual private networks – the Virtual Private of Network (the VPN). Alas, not all VPN services can bypass the truly advanced Netflix anti-tamper system.

Not so long ago,

PureVPN was among them, this service could not hide from the VPN connection blocking system, which is in service with Netflix. But now everything has changed! PureVPN bypasses Netflix access blocking again easily and easily. You just need to connect to the appropriate servers, and you can easily find them in the applications of this VPN service. Note the fact that the outstanding features of PureVPN deservedly make it a favorite of users.

Quick Start Guide: How to Access Netflix with PureVPN

  1. Subscribe to PureVPN.
  2. Download the PureVPN app (or browser extension) and install it.
  3. Select Stream mode, then select Netflix in the Channels tab. If you are using a browser extension, select Netflix in the Popular Websites tab.
  4. Log in to your Netflix account and enjoy the new episodes!

Unlock Netflix with PureVPN Now!

How to Access Netflix USA Using PureVPN

Netflix has separate content directories for all supported regions. There is nothing new here. However, before VPN users it was much easier to access the desired content.

Everything changed in 2014 when the service was forced to start using a new system for restricting access via VPN and proxy. As a result, many people who travel frequently or watch shows from directories in other countries have come up with advanced blocking of VPN connections when trying to access Netflix.

Today, playing cat and mouse between Netflix and VPNs is more like a war. Some VPNs make every effort to be able to bypass Netflix locks. With the corresponding improvements, PureVPN has returned to its number.

At the moment,

 PureVPN promises users to provide access to the American and British content directories Netflix, and this, for a moment, the two largest directories. If you travel frequently, PureVPN will provide you with free access to the complete Netflix catalogue of your home region from anywhere in the world.

Studying this service, we found something interesting. In the Netflix FAQ section, the PureVPN team advises using the services of this service along with an additional dedicated IP address – this method guarantees access to Netflix:

PureVPN Netflix FAQ

We decided to ask for comments (to understand whether it would be possible to log on to Netflix) to PureVPN user support. Here’s what they answered:

PureVPN Netflix Response - 1/2

In support,

they confirmed that they can provide us with access to special servers configured specifically for connecting to the US and British Netflix directories. We found all these servers without problems in the applications and browser extensions of PureVPN. Then we asked about dedicated IPs:

PureVPN Netflix Response - 2/2

It turned out that to access Netflix, it is not necessary to get a dedicated IP address in addition to using PureVPN. Note that PureVPN is one of the cheapest VPNs that provide static IP addresses, and if you ever need one (for example, to work with an online bank), you can purchase it and not go broke.

The results of our tests suggest that PureVPN works just perfectly and connects to Netflix servers for users from the USA and Britain without any problems. However, remember that the situation may change – we recommend that you first clarify everything in technical support and only then subscribe to PureVPN.

Looking for a VPN that will surely be able to give you access to various Netflix directories from all over the world? NordVPN is the best option, as evidenced by user reviews and expert reviews.

What should be a VPN for Netflix

If the main priority for you is the ability to bypass the Netflix geoblocks and other similar services (Hulu, BBC iPlayer, HBO GO), then when searching for a VPN, there are several important factors to consider.

First, you need unlimited bandwidth connections. The higher the quality of the stream, the more traffic it will take, so there’s no need to run into restrictions.

Secondly, you need a fairly fast VPN. We understand that it is not so easy to check the VPN speed before subscribing, therefore, we recommend that you do a little research and read user reviews to find the most accurate information on this subject.


you need the service to have servers in the region that you are trying to access — and the more, the better. For example, you can access the Netflix content directory in the US if you connect to a VPN server that uses IP addresses from the US pool.

PureVPN will give you all this – it has more than 2,000 servers in more than 140 countries, so you don’t have to look for a server that is ideal for your tasks. If you are going to watch streams, then you will certainly appreciate the availability of special streaming servers configured specifically to connect to popular platforms – including Netflix!

If all of this did not impress you, then see what else PureVPN can offer you :

  • Fast connections – you can watch high-quality streams without buffering
  • Unlimited traffic – you can watch as much as you want
  • Built-in speed checking tool – right in the application you can find the servers that are best for you
  • Split tunneling function – you can choose the traffic that will receive VPN protection
  • Strong 256-bit encryption provides you with complete protection while working on the Web
  • Applications for all major platforms, including for Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS, as well as applications for browsers (Chrome, Firefox), firmware for routers and so on!
  • Ability to set up to 5 simultaneous connections, so you can enjoy Netflix from the screens of all devices in your home
  • Responsive and affordable technical support will be ready to help you with any questions and any problems.

Generally speaking, PureVPN is an excellent service for bypassing geoblocks and viewing your favorite entertainment content without restrictions.

Not sure if this VPN is right for you? Use the 31-day money-back guarantee to try the service in practice in person, or read the reviews and reviews left by real users.

VPN Services Not Only For Netflix

PureVPN is great for streams, but that’s not all.

In addition to free access to any content from anywhere in the world, you can take advantage of powerful 256-bit encryption and support for all major VPN protocols (including OpenVPN). All this makes PureVPN an excellent option for those who want to protect themselves from hackers and secure their connections (including wireless and public networks).

Using a VPN service will not only help you protect yourself from hackers but also save money! Some services (for example, VoIP providers) set different prices for users from different regions. You can find the best deal for yourself by “changing” your country using a VPN. For those who travel a lot, this is just a great opportunity!

We also note that PureVPN is unlikely to suit users seeking maximum privacy. This service maintains connection logs (although it does not collect your source IP addresses, IP addresses from a VPN server), and also transmitted data from its users to the authorities in the past.

What can be said in the end? PureVPN is perfect if you need to protect the connection and gain access to streaming content, but the service does not adhere to a truly no-password policy.

Get the most out of Netflix with PureVPN

With the latest updates, PureVPN will help you log on to Netflix and enjoy the full range of content on this service. You no longer have to think about the restrictions associated with the type of your Netflix subscription, even when you are in another country – you can easily and safely access the American and British directories, so don’t miss the new episodes of your favorite series.

If you are still in doubt about PureVPN, just remember that you can experience the service in practice before signing up! In addition to the 31-day full money-back guarantee, PureVPN offers a very affordable 3-day trial period – and you will have access to all the features of the service.