Pure VPN can work in China


Social networks, news sites, even streaming video services Рthe length of the list of blocked web services in China can compete with the Great Wall of China. Search engines such as Google are even blocked here, so even unambiguously harmless basic information may not be available.

To make matters worse, most of the VPN services are also blocked in China; they are aggressively squeezed out of the local Internet using in-depth data packet inspection (DPI). Only a  select few VPN services can slip through the Great Chinese Firewall.

Fortunately, the Pure VPN   service has the right skills Рbut only IF you take advantage of one vital trick. Read on to find out how to set up and use the Pure VPN  service to access the content you need while you are in China.

How to make Pure VPN  work in China Рa brief instruction

  1. Before flying to China, go to the Pure VPN website, sign up, and download the app to your devices.
  2. Follow the provider’s instructions to install and configure the application.
  3. Select the StealthVPN protocol with the default
  4. When you fly to China,¬†launch the¬†Pure VPN ¬†app¬†before connecting to the Internet.¬†That’s all!¬†Now you can bypass censorship and geoblocks, as well as browse websites anonymously.

Get Pure VPN  Now!

Why is accessing content in China so hard?

The government¬†blocks access to any website that seems dangerous or offensive to the authorities¬†or simply describes a ‚Äúnon-Chinese‚ÄĚ lifestyle.¬†The boundaries of the permissible are interpreted very strictly, and the ban applies not only to Chinese citizens but also to its guests.

Without a VPN application in China, you will not be able to access news services, social networks, instant messengers such as WhatsApp or any other site that can be used to organize a group of people or protest demonstrations.

International news services are regularly blocked, as are Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Gmail, and VoIP services. You can use our online service to find out if a particular website in China is currently blocked.

In order for all these bans to work, Chinese authorities are banning access to technologies that help circumvent censorship. It is not possible to buy or install a VPN application in this country. Exceptions are made only for government-approved VPN services that will not help you access the desired content.

Since Internet censorship authorities use Advanced Data Packet Check (DPI) technology to block unauthorized VPN services, most of these services will not work in China, even if you install them before arriving in the country. However, the Pure VPN  service has some very important features that allow it to avoid blocking.

Why does Pure VPN  work in China?

The Pure VPN  service, registered in Seychelles, began operation in 2009; the goal of the service is to circumvent online censorship around the world. With this in mind, the VPN service was designed to support a wide variety of tunneling protocols.

In addition to the OpenVPN reference protocol, Pure VPN  also supports OpenWeb, StealthVPN, Cisco IPSec, IKEv2 / IPSec, L2TP / IPSec and SSTP. This diversity is so important for the following reason: despite the proven reliability of this protocol, you cannot use OpenVPN in China.

The only drawback of the OpenVPN protocol is that it is easy to detect with DPI. It means that the authorities will see that you are illegally using a VPN service. To circumvent the Great Chinese Firewall, we recommend that you use the StealthVPN protocol. It is just as reliable, but much harder to detect.

But, before you select the StealthVPN protocol, you need to install the Pure VPN  application on your device. Remember: you will not be able to subscribe to Pure VPN  services or download their VPN applications in China! Follow the short guide at the beginning of this article to get Pure VPN  working without problems.

More information about Pure VPN

The availability of the StealthVPN protocol, as well as a server network created specifically for obfuscating (hiding) traffic, are the main reasons for the success of the Pure VPN  service in China. There are also many other useful features to help you set up a secure and anonymous connection.

  • Security of public Wi-Fi networks– additional protection when using public networks
  • Separate tunneling (‚Äú Smart ‚ÄĚ mode )will allow you to access local Chinese websites not via a VPN network so that the speed is higher, while your international traffic will be reliably hidden
  • Configurable emergency disconnect from the Internet. You will be sure that your personal traffic will never get into open networks if the connection to the VPN network is interrupted
  • A rigorous, tax-free policy is¬†a guarantee that your online activity is never recorded anywhere.
  • 300+ servers in over 60 countries allow¬†you to connect to regions around the world to stay in touch with family and friends, bypass censorship and¬†access geo-blocked services such as Netflix.
  • Cross-platform capabilities – you can connect up to 5 devices simultaneously running on all major OS
  • Fast connections. This will minimize the loss of speed that is a consequence of the encryption process using the StealthVPN protocol.


If you install Pure VPN  and select the StealthVPN security protocol before crossing the border of China, you yourself will see that this service bypasses the Great Chinese firewall with ease.

You can apply for the most advantageous subscription to Pure VPN  services. For this, you need to go to our page with a list of discounts, promotions and advantageous offers. If you want to find out about other great VPN providers that will protect you online, read the detailed report from our experts about  VPN services you can trust in China.



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