Home Applications PUBG Mobile Lite released in India and one step closer to Europe

PUBG Mobile Lite released in India and one step closer to Europe

PUBG Mobile Lite released in India and one step closer to Europe

PUBG Mobile remains the most popular Battle Royale for smartphones, where even Fortnite can't steal your top spot. However, it is not available to all users, as you need to have a smartphone capable enough to play with quality.

For users who can't afford a high-end (or mid-high-end) smartphone, Tencent has developed PUBG Mobile Lite. This is a simplified version of the popular game aimed at more modest smartphones.

PUBG MObile Lite

What is PUBG Mobile Lite?

Like most "Lite" versions of applications, so PUBG Mobile Lite presented as a simplified version of the original version.

Firstly, the total size of the game does not reach 500MB and will be able to run on smartphones that have less than 2GB of RAM. This is a great achievement as it still offers the same level of graphics as the original version, where the minimum to play is 3GB of RAM.

However, there are several changes that allowed the creation of this Lite version:

  • Smaller map for only 60 players
  • Game sessions with a maximum of 10 minutes
  • Assisted aiming to improve gaming experience in areas of poor internet coverage
  • Elimination of bullet drop effect
  • Character resistance level has been increased.

These are several changes that may seem to be distracting to PUBG Mobile Lite, but should have the opposite effect. The smaller map, shorter playing time and remaining changes will foster a more aggressive playing strategy. As a result, gaming sessions will be even more action packed.

When will PUBG Mobile Lite in Europe?

After being first available in the Philippines, Tencent has expanded PUBG Mobile Lite to several countries, with India being the latest.

Currently, this version was still in beta and may undergo numerous changes until the first stable version is released. There is not yet any information about possible expansion dates of this Lite version for Europe.

However, it seems that its expansion should continue consistently, so it is safe to say that we are one step closer to receiving PUBG Mobile Lite as well. For the most impatient, they can always use a VPN to be able to install the game.

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