Home Tablets PUBG Mobile adds items from The Walking Dead for a limited time.

PUBG Mobile adds items from The Walking Dead for a limited time.

PUBG Mobile adds items from The Walking Dead for a limited time.

The popular PUBG Mobile will include for the second time in its catalog items inspired by The Walking Dead series. For the first time, players were able to buy the skins of the characters Rick Grimes and Daryl Dyxon, as well as the motorcycle belonging to it.

To continue the collection for a limited time, players will be able to purchase skins from evil villain Negan and katana warrior Michonne. In addition, weapons belonging to the characters will also be available. This The Walking Dead event lasts until December 19th.

walking Dead

Therefore, players wishing to use either the Negan staff named Lucille or Michonne's katana sword must be dispatched. Once purchased, weapons and skins will be in the player's catalog forever, even when the event is over.

No information on weapon damage has been advanced, probably to encourage players to try the weapons themselves. Although it is an FPS game, PUBG Mobile has its dose of melee weapons.

Players will be able to win items at events.

For those who do not want to spend real money on items, you can participate in events that will take place in the coming weeks. These events will be inspired by The Walking Dead, where players can win new items if they complete all tasks.

Players who complete all missions will be rewarded with the mentioned items, weapons and customization skins. So if you're a regular PUBG Mobile player and like The Walking Dead, take this opportunity to embody your favorite characters during combat.

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