Home Tablets PUBG for PC may soon receive clan deployment!

PUBG for PC may soon receive clan deployment!

PUBG for PC may soon receive clan deployment!

The PUBG PC version has just received a new update, but the big news seems to be reserved for the next one. As has become customary, well-known dataminers analyze the new files in great detail for insider information.

This time around, the renowned PlayerIGN seems to have come across a "gold mine". While reviewing some of the files in the new version of PUBG for PC, you found a lot of clan deployment information in the game.

New stuff on Clan System: – 5,000 BP COST- Title: 2-15 char., 6 num.- Tag: 2-4 char.- Slogan: 30 char.- Presentation: 180 char.- Members: 20- "recruits" & "'résumés" (Also' No Clan 'labels were found on the Leaderboard (removed) – Clan could be linked with the new Ranked) pic.twitter.com/Yd2osfZ4cS

– PlayerIGN (@PlayerIgn) November 7, 2019

Clans on PUBG for PC will be much more interesting than mobile

In a post through his official Twitter account, PlayerIGN revealed that to create a clan players will need to invest 5,000BP. Moreover, each clan should have a limit of 20 members, at least at this early stage. It would not be surprising if the limit could increase depending on the clan level.

Reference was also made to the presence of "recruits" and "resumes", indicating a possible new approach to recruitment. Although no further information has been revealed about this news, it is possible that when you apply to join a clan, you will need to submit your statistics and also undergo an initial recruiting phase.

As for more details on clan creation, we know that they will have a name between 2-15 characters, a tag between 2-4 characters, a slogan with a maximum of 30 characters. Finally, the clan's biographical description will have a limit of 180 characters.

Unfortunately, we were unable to obtain any information to tell us when clans could be implemented in PUBG for PC. However, it is likely to arrive in the next update, especially considering it has been available on PUBG Mobile for a long time.

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