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Apex Legends is about to host an event that will leave KO players!

Although the Battle Royale category continues to be dominated by Fortnite, PUBG and Call of Duty...

You can now reserve the perfect headphones for Xbox Series X and Series S

A headset to play We have already seen that Microsoft has a certain hand when it comes to making headphones. The Surface Studio they...

Realme prepares more attacks on Xiaomi in 2020! Know the way forward!

Realme is giving you talk lately. The OPPO sub-brand has been facing Xiaomi in markets where...

5 best VPNs for Australia 2020

  Every year, more and more people in Australia start using VPNs to protect their personal data and bypass content blocking. The number of clients...

PS5, Xbox One, new releases and surprises: follow our weekly summary live

We return with our live broadcast of the summary of most important news from the world of videogames, where we review all the news that the main headlines of the week have taken. We have a great news list, so write down the appointment that in a few hours we will start with the live broadcast. Do you want to know what topics we will talk about? Follow our live broadcast on The CoopTV Talks.

Retransmission will begin at 19:00 in UK. Follow us live! You have a list of the topics that we will discuss in the program below.

  • As in each week we will review the most striking releases that have been produced in the market, and this time we have to talk about Zombie Army 4: Dead War, a cooperative shooter set in the Europe of the 40s in which we will have to fight against large hordes of zombies. The game has accumulated very good grades in general, so it seems that Rebellion offers us an excellent excuse to have a good time playing in company.
  • Something we can’t stop talking about is the definitive launch of GeForce Now, the NVIDIA streaming game service that will allow us to play hundreds of titles in 1080p resolution at 60 images per second.
  • One of the founders of Rockstar Games says goodbye. Dan houser He leaves his post of Vice President after a long period of voluntary inactivity. He has been the father of legends like GTA or Red Dead Redemption, so the question now will be how these sagas will continue to evolve without their presence.
  • Sony does not want to give details of price of your PS5, and it seems that it is prepared to hurry to the maximum until it forces Microsoft to reveal it before. The reason? Rectify if necessary and offer a more interesting offer than Microsoft. Do you fear something Sony? Will he be wrong?
  • Meanwhile, Microsoft follows theirs, and although we don’t know anything new about the Xbox Series X, the leaks continue to outline some details of the console. On this last occasion it seems that the function of the rear slot has been confirmed, which seems to be destined for external storage units.
  • And if Sony is waiting for Microsoft’s steps, Phil Spencer says his worries go the other way. To be exact, Microsoft says that Amazon and Google are the true rivals to which the company will have to consider. It could be a very opportunistic statement or just try to see another reality. We’ll see what happens.
  • Sales through microtransactions they have become the hen of the golden eggs of many companies, and for example, that of EA. The company has shared its financial results and makes it clear that revenues from microtransactions are key to the firm’s economic health.
  • This income generation technique generates a lot of controversy among the public, since it can cause dependence to create cases of gambling, causing cases even in children. A recent Sony patent has revealed that the brand has in mind to develop an artificial intelligence that would invite to consume this type of content.
  • Another way to make money is subscriptions, and here Microsoft is doing it frankly well. We have already spoken in other chapters that Xbox Game Pass It will mark the success of Xbox Series X, and with news like this month, they only confirm it.
  • Call of duty It is already played more on mobiles than on consoles. Was there really anyone who doubted it?

Latest Posts

Amazon presents new Echo Buds as cheaper alternative to AirPods Pro

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TCL Fold ‘n Roll is the first smartphone with a foldable and extensible screen

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It’s time to try Final Fantasy XIV on your PS5 and for free

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