PS5: Sony confirms development of important functionality

PlayStation 5

PlayStation 5 has finally arrived on the market and represents a great leap in quality compared to the previous generation. Still, Sony does not end the work on its new console, revealing a feature that many will appreciate.

As we can see on the PS5 FAQ page, the console does not support a variable refresh rate. However, the Japanese confirmed that it is already working to enable this technology.

PlayStation 5 prepares to receive variable refresh rate

On the page released by Sony, we can read that the PlayStation 5 hardware supports varying update rates. The console supports the HDMI 2.1 protocol, so we do not know why Sony did not enable this original feature.

PlayStation 5

Fortunately for gamers, support for the variable refresh rate will soon arrive on PS5 through a software update. A very simple way to match other assets that your direct competition already offers.

PlayStation 5 is a console capable of offering an experience of up to 120fps in 4K resolution. However, not all games and televisions can achieve this, so this feature will come in handy for players.

With support for variable refresh rate, your television will be able to better synchronize the amount of frames it receives from the console. In short, this will allow games to run more smoothly, eliminating possible “drag” on the image.

Naturally, in order to take full advantage of this technology, your television will also have to support variable update rates. To do this, confirm that your TV supports the HDMI 2.1 protocol.

PlayStation 5 remains a mirage for many

Sony's new console officially arrived in UK on November 19th. Those who managed to reserve a copy in September were the first to receive their PlayStation 5.

However, those who hoped to be able to buy the console on the day of its launch had their expectations pierced. The console remains unavailable in major national stores and there is still no certainty as to when units will be available for sale.

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