A tough year for video game fairs

PS5 its time to play

We knew that Sony decided to delete from E3 for feeling that the Los Angeles video game fair did not match their vision of the video game industry, so they announced that they would give up their participation to bet on their own events spread all over the world. However, the brand would collaborate in other fairs such as PAX East, where nothing related to PS5 could possibly be said, but where the projection of the first playable stop is scheduled The Last of Us Part II with the boys of Naughty Dog.

Well, unfortunately, the current situation with the COVID-19 It has forced many brands to give up their trips around the world, and one of those brands is Sony, since through its subsidiary Sony Interactive Entertainment has canceled its presence in the PAX East and in the GDC San Francisco, an event that year after year had generated a lot of interest and that this year has planned the presence of Hideo Kojima among other great industry characters.

And yes, probably the presence of Sony in these events will not guarantee anything about PS5, but there is no doubt that being present at these events will always generate enough movement and at the least expected moment any type of exclusive could fall. With its absence, all probability vanishes, and now we only have to continue waiting bitterly until the Japanese decide once and for all to put a price on the console, set a date and publicly announce it to everyone.

When is Sony going to present its PS5?

PS5 official logo

The eternal question remains unanswered. The latest rumors and data extracted by people close to the company revealed that Sony is quite in a hurry with the price of its console. The lack of stock of some components (memories) have raised prices, and as a result, the cost price of the console reaches 450 dollars.

Taking into account what it costs to produce the console to the manufacturer itself, it is expected that the final product has a higher price than indicated, something that would greatly annoy Sony’s plans to position itself in stores with an attractive price.

It is said, that Sony is waiting for the movement of Microsoft to decide to what extent to lose money with the console, since, if you throw the prices and place the console below the Xbox Series X, would attract buyers, sell many more consoles one more year and make your business profitable based on games for the platform. Anyway, we are on February 20 and we still don’t know anything about PS5.