PS5. First promotional video on TV focuses on stimulating the senses! See here

Sony PlayStaion 5 promotional video

Although it has already been made somewhat official, we still await concrete information about the launch date and official prices for PlayStation 5 (PS5). However, the absence of this information did not prevent Sony from starting to bet strongly on promoting the arrival of its new console.

Although it was only seen in Hungary, the first PS5 promotional video is already live and focuses almost exclusively on the improvements implemented in the new DualSense controller and also on the 3D sound functionality.

In essence, Sony wants to highlight the fact that the new haptic tactile feedback triggers promise to make the whole gaming experience more immersive, being complemented by 3D sound technology that will make the scenarios come to life.

In this first television advertising, no game images were included. However, the fact that it is already being broadcast, confirms that Sony is already making the final preparations to start the giant global marketing campaign that will create the maximum hype possible for the launch of PS5.

Sony PlayStaion 5 promotional video

When can Sony PlayStation 5 be launched?

Although the official release date for the PS5 has yet to be revealed, it appears that Sony will be able to launch the desired launch as early as October. This speculation is based only on the fact that Microsoft has already confirmed that it will launch the new Xbox Series X in November.

Considering all the information that has been circulating, everything indicates that the new console from Microsoft will have more than enough weapons to face the PlayStation 5, in addition to reaching the market with a more affordable price.

Thus, it would not be surprising if Sony preferred to play it safe and tried to “steal” the players’ attention by launching its console well ahead of expectations.

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