PS5 and Xbox Series X remain sold out and resale prices are absurd!


The latest game consoles from Sony and Microsoft – PlayStation 5 (PS5) and Xbox Series X (XSX) – have managed to exceed all expectations, reaching the biggest releases ever in the history of brands. So, especially during these pandemic times, both consoles ended up being exhausted in mere minutes.

Until now, whenever new units are available, it is almost an impossible mission to be able to guarantee the purchase of one of the new consoles, especially for those who have their eyes on the PS5. As you might expect, these events, coupled with the despair of many fans, eventually give rise to a real “black market” on platforms like eBay.


In the United States, the values ​​for which both consoles are being sold on eBay are purely absurd. Sean Hollister, editor of the website The Verge, even considered selling his PS5 after finishing the Astro Bot and Miles Morales games with his daughter, then waiting until next year to buy the console again at retail price.

Resale prices for PS5 and XSX on eBay (United States)

Console Retail price Resale price
PlayStation 5 $ 499 $ 1,024
PS5 (Digital) $ 399 $ 999
Xbox Series X $ 499 $ 835
Xbox Series S $ 299 $ 471

Clearly, PS5 prices have experienced much higher inflation, due not only to their high demand, but also due to the fact that they are experiencing much greater difficulties in securing stock.

UK also did not escape this “black market” for the sale of PS5 and XSX

As expected, UK turned out to be no exception with regard to this type of alternative market for the resale of new consoles.

Through a quick search on the OLX website, it is possible to find several listings from PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X. In the case of PS5, the listings are between € 850 and € 999, where all of them claim to be new consoles (in the box) that have never been used.

In the case of Microsoft consoles, inflation was also slightly lower in most listings, with the Xbox Series X available for sale for € 600, with several users still trying to sell their units at much higher prices.

Don’t buy PS5 or Xbox Series X unless it’s in store!

PlayStation 5 OLX

No matter how strong the desire to get your hands on one of the new consoles, especially before Christmas, don’t do it through “private” purchases. The risks are simply too great and the guarantees are sometimes not many. In addition to the super inflated price, you may end up having a totally unnecessary disappointment.

The schemes created by people with bad intentions, whenever high-profile launches happen, are many. It is always advised to stay away from this type of business.

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