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Are you waiting for the Huawei Mate 40? The new information is not good!

The Huawei Mate 40 and Mate 40 Pro are expected to be the next smartphones to...

Huawei believes it will conquer the 'world' in 2019

Absolutely no one can deny the growth that Huawei has had in recent years. Starting successfully...

We already know the name and price of Google’s revolutionary Chromecast

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Do you still use Windows XP? Microsoft has just definitely killed him

Support for Windows XP ended in April 2014. Still, POSReady 2009 kept it alive with security...

PS5 already surprises fans in the first video unboxings!

The unboxing experience and the first contact with Sony’s new PlayStation 5 is surprising fans, even the most tech savvy. The size of the new PS5 is the big shock factor, but the surprises don’t stop there.

The new PS5 is available in two versions, the normal one with Blu-ray player and the Digital Edition, cheaper, but without the optical drive for physical games and / or movies. The other technical characteristics are the same, without changing performance.

PS5 unboxing and official Sony accessories

The new PlayStation 5 console has a dull white (matte) plastic finish on the outside, with a black interior strip, with a glossy finish. The construction details are visible even in the smallest details like the PlayStation symbols.

Compared to PS5, the new PS5 console is bigger in every aspect, from width, height to thickness. Similarly, compared to the Xbox Series X, the PlayStation 5 is also taller and narrower, with futuristic design.

In addition to the console, an official command / controller, DualSense, is also included in the box. We also have the connecting cables and legal documentation that comes with Sony’s new product.

This is the console that will reach consumers on November 19

Sony brought the new console to several content producers, placing an embargo on the analysis of the product, but allowing the dissemination of the material, showing everything that comes in the boxes.

Above we can see not only the PS5, but also the official accessories. We have a new charging dock, new wireless headphones, a new webcam to install, for example, on television and of course, the new DualSense controls from Sony.

The new PS5 will hit stores from November 19th to UK. Until then, discover 3 reasons to buy the cheapest console, the PS5 Digital Edition.

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