ProtonCalendar, the encrypted online calendar service for those seeking maximum privacy

ProtonCalendar, the encrypted online calendar service for those seeking maximum privacy

The privacy brought to the calendar

After the scandals of Facebook with Cambridge Analytica and the occasional issue related to Google and other companies, privacy went from being something that only some users valued to something that most of the world is already taken seriously. Therefore, services that are committed to a higher level of privacy are gaining more and more users and are taken into account more.

Proton Technologies achieved with ProtonMail the same, gain relevance and an important user base by offering an encrypted email service where privacy is key. Now, that idea goes to ProtonCalendar.

ProtonCalendar is an email client also encrypted and focused on privacy. Thanks to him, both your appointments and events will have that extra layer of protection that ensures that there will be no leaks or access to data without your consent. Even so, there are details that are necessary to know because you will not always interact with users of the same online calendar service.

The new service shares bases with ProtonMail. That means that you not only get security and privacy at the technological level, also at the legal and judicial level since the servers are located on the ground where authorities like the United States really cannot force the transfer of data. At least that’s what the company itself says.

Of course, the question is how ProtonCalendar does to encrypt data and that events and appointments can be shared with users of other services without privacy being affected. Well, as they explain, the basis or idea is that each event or appointment is encrypted individually as a PGP message. Thus, through the use of a public key for each entry, it is only shared and has access to information related to said entry, avoiding giving a password that could allow access to the entire calendar. Yes, it is somewhat more complex than this but to get you to the idea if you do not have advanced knowledge. Although searching, for example, PGP you find more information.

At the moment, to access ProtonCalendar you must be a paid user of the service and have the ProtonMail 4.0 beta. More users will be opened later as the beta of the new calendar service progresses.

ProtonCalendar end-to-end encryption

Is ProtonCalendar really worth it? It is complicated to give a universal answer. If you are interested in privacy, yes. But it is also true that companies like Apple are committed to such privacy and security. The difference is in what has been said before, as an American company, you may have to respond to certain requests from the US government. S

However, as with some requests that affected giving access to an iCloud account to unlock an iPhone, Apple has refused to share private data with the government. Proton Technologies seems to give more guarantee or is supposed.

Therefore, here you as the user are the one to choose. What is evident is that it is useless to access these encrypted services if later in others you “give away” information. But if you are looking to improve your privacy when using basic services such as email or calendar, they seem good options to consider. Here you can create a free ProtonMail account if you are interested in having one.


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