The small GuardPeanut box (2.5 x 4.5 x 0.5 cm) from is a cousin of connected key chains since it communicates via Bluetooth with smartphones and tablets. The goal is not here to find it easily but to use it as an alarm in the event of movement of the object on which it is fixed.
The manufacturer delivers with its lareviewborn many accessories (adhesive tape, sticky paste, keychain, clip) to fix it on a bag, a bike or even a front door. It is offered in several colors, which can be practical for those who equip themselves with several modules. Unfortunately, it is not water resistant, which can be a problem for outdoor use. Guard Peanut

The GuardPeanut is used with a free app, available for Android and iOS. After having downloaded it and created an account, you just have to bring the small box near the smartphone or tablet for it to be detected and possibly updated.

The next step is to give it a name and select the alarm sound that will sound on the mobile device if it is moved. The app also offers to ring (or not) the box.

By default, the GuardPeanut monitoring mode is disabled. It is easily activated from the app or by long pressing the button on the box. This is, moreover, its Achilles heel because, conversely, a long press also makes it possible to deactivate the surveillance mode. An informed thief could profit from it…

We reviewed the case and it turns out to be reactive. As soon as you move it, a ringtone will sound on the mobile device and on the case. For the latter, the sound is loud enough to be a deterrent. has an option in the app to adjust the sensitivity of the GuardPeanut. Thus, the alarm will not be triggered during a minimal displacement.

The app does not have a geolocation function, as on connected keychains, but allows you to ring the box remotely to find it. We regret, however, that the ringtone icon is a little too discreet within the app.

The GuardPeanut stores its alarm data for 30 days and the app offers a detailed activity log, with the option of exporting to Excel (CSV format). However, it is not possible to access the log from an Internet browser, by going to the manufacturer’s site.
Finally, the box is powered by a conventional button battery (CR2032) which is easily changed and offers a theoretical autonomy of 3 months. GuardPeanut GuardPeanut GuardPeanut GuardPeanut GuardPeanut GuardPeanut

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