In early November, we reviewed the Parrot Mambo, an extremely fun product from the manufacturer’s family of mini drones. The Swing is none other than its cousin, in a slightly more imposing version. The flight unit is exactly the same. There is therefore a very small module containing the electronics and accommodating the battery.

Besides, the autonomy of the latter is, as for the Mambo, less than 10 minutes. To refuel, nothing new, you have to go through a micro USB cable. However, the design of the Swing is radically different.

While the Mambo is a fairly classic miniature quadcopter, the Swing is equipped with four polystyrene “wings” which makes it a little more imposing. If Parrot broadcasts videos, especially on its YouTube channel, where you can see the Swing very comfortable outdoors, in reality this is not really the case. Perhaps it is due to our autumn weather, but neither the size, nor the weight and even less the material and the lift of the four “wings” do not allow this Swing to remain stable from the appearance of the slighreview current of air. The quality of outdoor flights will therefore be subject to weather conditions.

Precise Flypad and fun features

In the Mambo review, we mentioned the Flypad, this controller that allows you to fly Parrot minidrones. Offered as an option with the Mambo, it comes standard with the Swing. This is obviously a good thing as the riding comfort is improved.

Obviously, it is possible to fly this drone with the Parrot FreeFlight Mini mobile application, but the tactile cursors on the smartphone screen are much less reactive and precise than the sticks on the controller.

In addition, the FlyPad has both buttons and triggers to automatically perform certain predefined figures in the mobile application. A loop, a kind of half rollover or even a U-turn to the left or to the right… these are the functions available thanks to the lareview software update deployed by Parrot. A good point, moreover, since it shows that the manufacturer is also developing its minidrones.

These functions are notably available in the “airplane” mode of the Swing, again implemented as part of the update. They are activated by pressing the triggers on the Flypad, one to move forward and the other to move back. In this configuration, the Swing advances automatically and you only have to control the trajectory and the altitude. After a few hours of flight and the mastery helping, it is possible to loop or half a barrel to pass between two obstacles. Note that these antics will only be possible in large spaces and, weather permitting, outdoors.

In addition to these fun functions, there is a good reactivity and extreme liveliness which allow you to really have fun with this drone. Even though we don’t recommend doing this sort of thing, the precision of the set allowed us to go low over a few colleagues.

Once installed on the remote control, the smartphone and the dedicated application become almost secondary. Almost, because in addition to the fact that Freeflight Mini allows you to determine the configuration of the buttons on the Flypad, this application also provides continuous information on the autonomy of the drone. Autonomy (about 10 minutes, we remind you) which can quickly drop with the heavy use of airplane mode and figures. As with the Mambo, we can only recommend the purchase of additional batteries, which are still sold for 15 euros. For its part, the endurance of the remote control is approximately 6 hours.


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