When it comes to installing a video surveillance system in your home, you naturally think of placing cameras inside. For this, the material offer is quite vast. Pavilion owners will also be interested in outdoor cameras, which are an effective way to quickly detect a violation on a property. But these models are often more restrictive to install: you need electricity to power them, an Ethernet socket or a Wi-Fi connection strong enough and stable to connect them. With its Presence camera, Netatmo overcomes the first of these constraints.

Indeed, this IP camera is installed in place of outdoor lighting. Presence is therefore obviously waterproof and above all it incorporates particularly powerful LED lighting.
La Presence is installed like a wall lamp, requiring only basic knowledge of electricity. The power supply is limited to the connection of the three phase, neutral and earth wires. For fixing, two holes in the perforator allow to fix the plate which then receives the camera. In our case, we even managed to recover a hole already devoted to the old lighting. Overall, the physical installation of the product is fairly intuitive. The mounting system makes it possible to orient the camera perfectly.

We will quickly go over the configuration of the Wi-Fi network. The procedure described in the user manual and in the Netatmo Security application (compatible with iOS and Android) allows you to complete the configuration without any difficulty. Note that Presence completely ignores an Ethernet link. It would be better to have a good Wi-Fi network to make the most of the service. Besides, on this subject, we would have appreciated that Netatmo integrated a Wi-Fi 802.11ac connection, much more efficient than the 802.11n standard built into the camera.

Netatmo Presence detects and qualifies intrusions …

If there is no real difficulty in installing and configuring, there is also no worry about the daily use of Presence. A bit like the Netatmo Welcome indoor camera, which has the particularity of recognizing faces, Presence can tell the difference between a human, a cat or a car.

And as the camera can make this difference, notifications can be configured quite finely in the application. For example, it is possible to request notification and registration when a pedestrian is detected, but only notification when a car or cat is detected. In order not to miss anything, the camera also performs identification work on what is called “other movements” (tree branches that move for example). In our case, not activating this function allowed us to limit the notifications.

Another function allows you to define one or more zones (4 Max) in which you want the camera to focus. Convenient to not be polluted by irrelevant alerts. Besides, whatever the alerts, it is possible to configure the time period during which one wishes to activate the notifications.

… and it works pretty well

The result is rather convincing for shape recognition technology. Note that the range of the detection function is announced at 20 meters by Netatmo, within the limit of the field of vision of 100 degrees of the objective. It is obviously less complicated than face recognition, but for an outdoor camera, this function is interesting.

This avoids rushing to your smartphone when the application notifies the presence of an animal. Especially since the recognition works well, even from quite a distance. The 2x digital zoom of the camera is used to detect an intruder up to fifteen meters from the lens.

The digital noise is then a little too important to recognize the person. But its very rapid detection makes it possible to immediately send an alert and simultaneously trigger the recording of a sequence. Good point, the camera records as long as something happens.

On the other hand, when the zoom is not used, the Full HD image recorded by the camera is of fairly good quality.

Obviously, the quality degrades at night, and it is not easy to recognize a face unless it is really close.

However, the accuracy of the notifications remains good.

We tried to disturb the camera by pointing a torch at the lens. A technique that would be used by burglars to force the camera to switch back to day mode. Perhaps our model of torch was not powerful enough, but as we can see, the image remains fully usable, unless the intruder places the torch in front of his face.

But at this level, there is not much to do, this is the limit of surveillance by camera. We are however waiting to review the Nestcam Outdoor, which would be particularly effective against glare phenomena.

Fortunately, the LED lighting and the algorithm of the camera are powerful enough for the alert to be given whatever happens. The application allows you to configure the lighting start-up according to the detected shapes. A very interesting kind of advanced motion detector that will allow you not to pay for electricity if a cat crosses the field of the camera, for example.

However, we regret the delay in switching on the lighting system. Despite the fact that we have activated it for the detection of a person, the recognition is done quite late.

Day and night, therefore, with a few exceptions, the recognized forms were the right ones. We were even amused to find that Presence recognized our remote-controlled car and our stroller as being a car.

Scalable online storage space

The 8 GB storage space included in Presence can already record around 5 hours in Full HD. In all cases, after 5 hours of recording, the new videos overwrite the old ones.
To expand the storage capacity, it is possible to easily associate a Dropbox account or an FTP account. This configuration is not possible from the mobile application. You must go to the dedicated website and follow the procedure.

Note that we also have a Synology network disk (NAS). This includes a function allowing you to search for