Reviewed a few weeks ago, the CityBug 2S is without doubt one of the models we would be most inclined to recommend to electric scooter enthusiasts. Only downside: this 2S remains a high price, or 899 euros. So when the manufacturer offered to review the CityBug SE, we were quite excited about the idea. It is indeed sold much cheaper, 599 euros. And if we have to make some concessions in terms of equipment and performance, we remain confident as we liked the 2S.

The first concession concerns lighting. These small LED devices found on the high-end model have disappeared from this more affordable version.

No front lighting and no rear lighting either. Never mind, for the front, it is quite possible to have a rechargeable LED system. There are some fairly inexpensive in sports signs (bike accessories department) or on the net.

The CityBug SE takes the same design as its more upscale predecessor with, on the right, a trigger to accelerate and, on the left, a brake handle. The trigger is always as appreciable to regulate its speed precisely. Press fully and the scooter adopts its maximum speed (we’ll come back to this). Press halfway (or less) and the speed becomes more moderate, adopting a quieter pace. Perfect for making your way through the crowd without worrying pedestrians … and without getting tired. The fact that the trigger is not simply “ON / OFF” but allows the acceleration to be controlled is therefore a serious advantage.

On the other hand, the brake appeared to us to be a little more finicky. Once the handle is actuated, the braking which restricts the electric motor is quite effective, but this handle “does not come back well”. It is often necessary to put it back in place with a small impulse of the fingers in order to give back to the scooter all its freedom of movement. A rather strange problem that we gladly put on the back of our review model, no doubt badly reviewed during its many passages in the newsrooms. This small defect did not in any case prevent us from using the CityBug SE with great pleasure.

A great all-terrain scooter

One of the great assets of the SE is its level of finish. Like the 2S, the structure of this scooter inspires confidence. We regret that the manufacturer did not add a small stand to keep the scooter upright or that it did not create an easier-to-use mechanism for folding it, but for the rest, everything rolls.

The handlebar height is adjustable from 76 cm to 96 cm (relative to the floor of the Citybug 2S). A teenager as well as an adult can therefore use it without any feeling of discomfort.

The floor of the CityBug SE does not creak under the weight of the user, whether a teenager or a good-sized adult, even on slightly dented roads or when crossing a boat. The 8 inch wheels are larger than those of the 2S and several advantages ensue. First, they allow the scooter to overcome certain obstacles more comfortably than with the 2S. Then, we could see better cushioning on the roads with roughness. Finally, these large rubber wheels, quite wide, inspire confidence, even when it comes to slalom on the road.

Less pep, but still a good tip

The 250 watt motor is a little less efficient than that of the 2S (350 watts). Quite logically, we found the SE a little less dynamic. However, if it is less gifted on accelerations, the SE remains a good product for the city.

(In the screenshots below, the average speed of 10.2 km / h is low because we stopped to take photos)

Our GPS watch records a top speed of 21.5 km / h, which is true to what the manufacturer announces. It’s also the time it takes to get there that seems a little longer. Nothing very worrying but It will however have to keep in mind this data, especially when going up a sloping street, even slight. The 250 watt motor then becomes downright sluggish if you are a little heavy.

Regarding autonomy, our reviews were conducted on rather cold days (which is not frankly an ideal weather for battery performance). CityBug announces 15 km of autonomy and our measurements confirm more or less this estimate. Admittedly, the number of km will vary depending on the weight of the user and the terrain of the road, but overall, we would be tempted to say that this is enough for moderate use of a scooter, with a recharge required approximately every two days.

CityBug SE
CityBug SE
CityBug SE

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