The vast majority of Android smartphones are equipped with software overlays. Developed by manufacturers, they modify some functions or change the interface … and often reduce performance. Poorly optimized, Android can quickly become a sore. This is not the case with OnePlus and its OxygenOS overlay.

In fact, the approach is almost the opposite for the Chinese company. Instead of rewriting Android in its own way, OnePlus is content with the “pure” version of Android 8.1, and adding some features to it. In terms of design, this is really the vision of Google that we find. Icons, menus… OxygenOS is an almost invisible overlay and as a result everything is more fluid. Navigation is fast, the settings are easy to understand, and the system is regularly updated. Moreover, the most impatient can now install the beta version of Android P on their OnePlus 6, thanks to a partnership between Google and OnePlus. Logically, the smartphone should be on the first serve when the final update is released this fall.

OxygenOS may be close to stock Android, but it still brings its share of well thought out features. Starting with gestural navigation similar to the iPhone X, which bypasses the navigation buttons at the bottom of the screen. We slide from the bottom to the top from the middle to return to the home screen, we do the same on the sides to go back, and we leave our finger a few seconds in the center of the screen to start multitasking . Only downside: gesture navigation is not compatible with Google Assistant, which can only be triggered by an “OK Google”.

Among the other interesting functions of OxygenOS, we note the presence of a Dark Theme to better take advantage of the AMOLED panel, the possibility of controlling your music with gestures when the screen is locked or a gaming mode to improve the rendering of video games. The facial recognition functionality, introduced with the OnePlus 5T, is obviously still present and continues to amaze us with its speed. In a few hundredths of a second, the OnePlus 6 unlocks. It’s magic !

However, we regret the absence of some functions in OxygenOS such as the possibility of waking up your smartphone by lifting it, as with the iPhone or the lareview Huawei. Combined with “Face Unlock”, such a gesture would make the OnePlus 6 even more effective. Despite this, we can safely describe OxygenOS as the best Android overlay on the market.

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