After the laptop Swift 7 and the convertible Switch Alpha 12, it is now the turn of the Acer Spin 7 to come and rub our review protocols. This hybrid laptop mainly uses its large 14-inch touch screen integrated into a sleek, sleek case to justify its astronomical price of 1,400 euros. Let’s see if the bet is held.

Acer Spin 7 (SP714-51-M37P)

This new model embodies the top of the basket in its category, namely non-detachable hybrids. In order not to mismatch too much with all of the other high-end machines from Acer, the Spin 7 also uses the dress codes of these cousins.
Its housing is entirely constructed of dark anodized aluminum. It is thin (just over a centimeter thick), with dimensions very close to those of a traditional 13.3-inch ultraportable. He can box in the same category as ultrabooks and others. Its weight is quite acceptable since it peaks at 1.2 kilos, remaining in the average of current high-end hybrid machines.

Acer spin 7

Chiche connection, backlight absent!

Ouch, the Macbook Pro 13 has yet another victim! The Spin 7 is only equipped with two full-format USB Type-C connectors and only one of them can accommodate the AC adapter for recharging the battery. The third and last socket present is of the 3.5 mm jack type intended to accommodate headphones / microphone. All the sockets are concentrated on the right side of the machine, the left side accommodating only the power and volume control keys. No classic video output or even a “mini” and even less adapter (USB-C / Ethernet for example) in the box. For network connections, it will be Wi-Fi mandatory!

Acer spin 7

Corollary of finesse, the Spin 7 ignores the backlit keyboard. Too bad, entering in the dark will only be more complicated and the image of the “high-end PC” is seriously tarnished. Despite this shortcoming, the black keys available are quite pleasant to navigate and well proportioned.

Acer spin 7

Let’s finish with the huge touchpad which finds all its interest in the classic laptop position. Its slightly soft surface is fully clickable and your fingers can perform all kinds of manipulations (zoom, rotation, scrolling, etc.) recognized by Windows 10. Finger movements very similar to those performed on the screen touch (reactive), when the device switches to stand or tablet mode.

14 inches with brightness and contrast

Thanks to its doubly articulated hinges, the Spin 7 is a real yogi in power. To prevent image quality from deteriorating depending on the tilt of the screen, Acer uses an IPS panel with very wide viewing angles, thus limiting distortion when the user does not isn’t right in front of the brilliant 14 inch Full HD screen.
As the latter is encased in a case having the dimensions of a 13.3 inch PC, the lateral black edges are extremely thin. It is both aesthetic and very pleasant to use because it gives the impression of having a large work surface, without thick and unsightly borders to frame it.

Passed to the review probe, the screen reveals all its secrets. The average maximum brightness is established at 292 cd / m2 and the contrast ratio is surprisingly high for IPS: 1315: 1. Clearly, the display of Spin 7 holds the road correctly and receives a mention ” Pretty good “. Please note, however, by watching our reference review videos, the colors do not all seem very correct, with a slight dominance of reds. Moreover, as this hybrid is clearly not equipped to run large photo or video editing applications, this lack of fidelity will not be held against it.

Office automation first, multimedia second

Given the price (1400 euros, remember), we expected to have horses under the keyboard. Missed ! The Spin 7 is a 2.0 typewriter which limits itself to the most simple and usual tasks. Nothing pejorative in this observation, we said as much about the Macbook 12 which still managed to find its audience.

In detail, the Spin 7 runs on Intel Core i7-7Y75 and has 8 GB of memory. This chip is one of the lareview generation ultra low consumption (7 watt) chips, the Kaby Lake. It’s Its integrated graphics controller Intel HD Graphics 615’s mission is to broadcast Full HD images on the screen of the device. Useless, however, to ask him to embark on heavy and moderately complex 3D, he is clearly incapable of it. On the storage side, Acer places a swift 256 GB SSD module in the bowels of the hybrid, for quick waking from sleep and hot booting of Windows 10, PC Mark 8 score in support.

The set of components in place allows the Spin 7 to do without active ventilation, enough to guarantee absolute operating silence (30 dB), in all circumstances. During the reviews, our delicate eardrums were in heaven.

Autonomy: can do better!

Given the relatively contained power of the Spin 7, we expected to discover an ultra enduring machine, capable of carrying on a day’s work without having to resort to its charger (always in block format by the way). No!

This hybrid is just about average, with 6 hours of continuous video playback and just over 5 hours 30 minutes of sustained multi-use. We expected much better from him!