The Fire HD 8 succeeds the… Fire HD 8. No change of name for the seventh generation 8 inch tablet from Amazon, which is a sign that the product has hardly changed since last year. , even at the level of its price. The device is offered at attractive prices of 109.99 euros for 16 GB and 129.99 euros for 32 GB, provided that you accept the display of promotional announcements by the web giant on the screensaver . Without these “special offers”, you have to pay respectively 124.99 and 144.99 euros … which is reasonable.

Those who appreciate the beautiful design of Apple and Samsung tablets will not really be won over by this Fire. Amazon persists in its choice of plastic for the case, even slightly increases the thickness of its eight-inch model (9.7 mm against 9.2 mm for the 2016 version) and even makes it heavier (369 against 341 g) . However, its size remains reasonable and it can be transported without problems in a bag.

Amazon Fire HD 8

A little more autonomy except in video

The manufacturer was unable to explain the reason for the weight gain. We assumed that the battery had a higher capacity than that of the 2016 version. So we compared the autonomy of the two tablets. In versatile use (surfing the web, playing videos and viewing photos), the new Fire HD 8 does indeed obtain an excellent score and goes from 9 h 31 min to 11 h 17 min. This is actually close to the 12 hours announced by Amazon. Alas, the manufacturer has poorly optimized consumption for video playback and the tablet passes for this review from 12 h 42 min to 10 h 3 min.

A good 8 inch screen

On the display side, Amazon hasn’t changed anything. The definition remains at only 1280 x 800 pixels. The 8-inch IPS panel offers the same level of display quality with a brightness of 428 cd / m² and a contrast ratio of 1126: 1. We would have liked an improvement, but the display quality remains very correct, especially at this price level. Enough to enjoy your tablet even outdoors.

Amazon Fire HD 8

Fire OS: a proprietary environment

We were disappointed that Amazon does not renew the hardware configuration of the Fire HD 8. As in 2016, the tablet has a 1.3 GHz quad-core MediaTek processor, 1.5 GB of RAM and 16 GB of internal memory , including 12 GB for the user. The only small novelty is that the tablet accepts microSD cards up to 256 GB instead of 200 GB. The configuration is sufficient for most applications and we have not found any problem of fluidity in terms of navigation in the interface of Fire OS 5.3.3, the Amazon overlay built on an Android version … 5.1.1.! As on the last Fire 7, we can only regret this very dated environment. Android aficionados will also regret the absence of Google services, in particular that of the Play Store application store, replaced by that of Amazon. Regulars of the online sales site will, however, appreciate an environment that provides easy access to purchases of e-books, music, videos and games.

Amazon Fire HD 8

The tablet ignores Alexa, the personal assistant of Amazon brought by the update (however minor) of Fire OS, because the latter is still not available for UK’s users.

Finally, we regret that Amazon has not improved its rear 2 megapixel photo sensor which delivers a poorly detailed image, both for shots and for 720p videos. And if the light is lacking, the focus will forfeit and the blur will settle.

Amazon Fire HD 8 (7th generation)
Amazon Fire HD 8 (7th generation)
Amazon Fire HD 8 (7th generation)
Amazon Fire HD 8 (7th generation)

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