Used IceCube 2 Quad Core TV Box

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IceCube 2 Quad Core TV Box

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  1. IceCube 2 Quad Core Smart Media TV Box.
  2. 2meg camera,
  3. built in Mic
  4. Quad Core processor
  5. Stream movies from your home network or a SD card/HDD to the device
  6. This device has Air Play so you can watch your movies or photos from your iPad, iPhone or iMac on your TV
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Product Description

IceCube 2 Quad Core TV Box

This unit has been used and may have scratches on, we fully test the unit before sending it out to you. This is a discontinued item so we will not be excepting returns unless it does not work upon arrival. We will not be offering any warranty on this device as it is discontinued.

If you do not mind a used unit then this will save you some money as there will be no difference between this and a brand new unit.

Shop the EBox® IceCube 2 quad core TV box is available to collect today from our store in Walthamstow London UK

IceCube 2 Quad Core TV Box

Latest 4.4 firmware, with True 1080p playback in Kodi

IceCube 2 Quad Core TV Box  is powered by Rockchip’s everywhere RK3188 Quad Core Cortex A9 SoC CPU, accompanied by a decent 2Gb of DDR3 RAM and 8Gb of on-board flash, preloaded with 4.4 (KitKat) operating system. At this stage, The ICE CUBE 2 ROM has been compiled with Rockchip’s SDK2.0, which appears to give the RK3188 SoC CPU some extra zip thanks to more efficient code compilation.

IceCube 2 Quad Core TV Box comes with an impressive four USB2.0 host ports plus an SD card slot, good for cards up to 32Gb. With four USB ports, the ICE CUBE 2 has enough expansion options to work as low-cost mini PC without the need of an external USB hub (except possibly for external hard drive storage).

There’s excellent network connectivity too with RJ45 fast ethernet plus 802.11b/g/n Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 4.0 supported by an external antenna. Video is available through the usual HDMI port but you also get composite AV through a 3.5mm TRRS port.

This device has the same chip as the MK908 and Quad Core TV box so is a quad-core (has 4 processors) device but this device has some big improvements.

  1. IceCube 2 Quad Core TV Box. Its has a 2meg camera, built in mic and has a Quad Core processor.
  2. This device has a Digital Audio Optical output so you can connect it to a Digital amplifier for crystal clear sound unlike the MX2, MK808, MK908 and MK818B.
  3. We all have heard about the wifi issues with the other devices (that they can not be to far from the rooter) well now they have fixed it with a super WiFi antenna that you can be certain will pick up your wifi from another room.
  4. Ice Cube 2 Quad Core Smart Media TV Box will work on any TV so if you have an old TV no need to go get a new one just use a scart plug.

It plays with full 1080p hardware acceleration and handles apps very well. This device is for people who want only the best and nothing less. You will not be disappointed with this new device it is for the die hard movie fan that has a big 50″ TV on the wall and wants to be impressed.

  1. Why get your Smart TV Box from us?

    1. We are a professional company with a shop in London for all of our customers.
    2. We Have a website dedicated to you as a user with download links and support.
    3. We have over 1500 YouTube subscribers and 90 videos

    What can I do with this unit?

    • Stream live TV
    • Stream movies
    • Stream movies from your home network or a SD card/HDD, to the device.
    • Use this device anywhere in the world
    • This unit has airplay so you can stream your movies and photos from your apple device.
    • Kodi
    • TV Catchup
    • Surf the internet
    • Play store
    • Play games

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Weight0.790 kg
Dimensions20 x 17 x 8 cm


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