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S77 PRO plus with backlit keys TV Box Remote Wireless Qwerty Keyboard

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Updated LED Backlight buttons, convenient for typing at night
LED Backlight, makes all buttons lighten in darkness, input text and hit enter, can find what you want quickly. No more hopping from letter to letter on the keyboard.

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Product Description

S77 PRO Plus Smart TV Box Remote

S77 PRO Plus Smart TV Box Remote Main Features:

  • With 38 key Qwerty keyboard and TV remote
  • LED Backlight Double-faced design, easy to type in dark and input the correct information accurately. So energy- saving, when flip to the other side, the backlight of one side will turn off automatically and vice versa.
  • Powerful Five IR Learning keys, helps you learn from your TV remote and control your TV with one remote easily.
  • With 3-Gyro + 3-Gsensor, convenient to control in horizontal and vertical mode for motion games and typing
  • Air/fly mouse motion sensor
  • 2.4GHz connection up to 15m
  • Auto sleep and wake feature
  • Plug-and-play Function, Compatible with USB1.1 and USB2.0<6uA.
  • Support: HTPC/IPTV; Droid TV BOX; Tablet/PC with Windows OS, Mac, Linux

The S77 Pro plus remote has a gyroscopic sensor, allowing easy moveability around  your device. There are a series of four quick launch buttons on the right side of the remote. They start with the blue “Internet Explorer” button on the second row, bottom right, and moving up towards the top. Each button is mapped to a particular Android feature straight out of the box – no configuration required.

Also S77 Pro has an IR-learning feature so you can program it just like a regular TV remote. But, the S77 has a full set of numbers on the top of the remote, as well as four customizable multi-coloured buttons along the bottom row. This actually means you can use the S77 Pro as a replacement universal remote for your television and not lose any functionality.

When we look at the keyboard on the back side of the S77 has a good feel to it. The keys are small, but there is a good amount of space around each key. To type numbers you can either use the number pad on the top of the remote mouse or using the Alternate keys on the keyboard itself.

Within Kodi/ EBMC  the buttons function very well. Play\Pause worked normally. The S77 splits the Rewind and Track Rewind functions into two separate buttons along the top row. It does the same for Fast Forward and Track Advance.

How to program IR Learning
This remote has five IR learning keys can be programmed. Take learning Power On of TV remote for an example.
1. Ensure your TV remote supports NEC protocol for learning, batteries installed correctly and LED flash red
2. Set the S77 remote and TV remote facing each other with top ends, keep the distance between them within 0.1 feet.
3. Press the TV button on the S77 remote for 4-5 seconds until LED flashes fast.
4. Then press the Power button on the TV remote to learn 4-5 seconds until the LED on the S77 remote flash fast, press one of five IR keys, the LED of S77 will keep red and not flash.
5. Then press the TV buttons on the S77 remote to exit learning mode.

If you’re looking for “one remote to rule them all”, and don’t mind the retro styling of the brightly coloured keys, the S77 is the Pro remote for you.

  • 1x Wireless Keyboard remote
  • 1x 2.4G Wireless Receiver
  • 1x User Manual

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