Rii mini i12 Multifunction wireless keyboard

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New Rii Mini i12 Wireless Keyboard

The Rii mini i12 is the world’s most ultra-thin 2.4GHz wireless keyboard with touchpad. Due to its size of 26 inches and a trackpad whopping 3.5 inches, it is ideal for use on the bench. With its high-quality brushed stainless steel housing the Rii mini i12 is a delight to the eye. Can also be used for Any PC, but optimized for Android.

*NEW wireless qwerty  Keyboard + Touchpad which supports multi-finger functions.
*2.4GHz wireless technology, no messy cables anymore and you can play computer games on the bed or in the sofa comfortably.
*Comfortable and excellent key touch feeling to release your fatigue.
*Shortcut keys to increase your working efficiency.
*Plug and play, with a range up to 10 meters working distance.
*The keyboard will turn to sleep mode automatically if no key pressed within 3 minutes.
*”ON/OFF” switch for convenient operation and energy saving.
*Built-in lithium battery-powered.
*Ultra slim design, max. thickness is only 13mm.

The Rii mini i12 is the ideal tool for anyone using an Android based TV box or PC for :

  • Skype
  • KodiThe Rii mini i12
  • Facebook
  • Gmail
  • Web Browsing

Or other applications where a lot of typing needed. Even if you want to use the Android PC as a true computer, this QWERTY keyboard is a real godsend. The Mini K12 fact has much larger keys than the usual flymouses, this is much easier to type, but also much faster. The trackpad works very easily, just like you do on a laptop. The trackpad is a left and right, making the trackpad works like a mouse.

The The Rii mini i12 has a range of 10 meters, which is more than enough for the average home. The wireless imagereceiver is the Rii mini i12 is plug and play, meaning that drivers are not required and therefore no installation. Connecting the receiver is enough to connect the keyboard. With its rechargeable 280mAh battery and a standby time of one month you will be quite long to use the The Rii mini i12 before you need to recharge.

The Mini K12 is only 10mm thick, giving you all the benefits of a keyboard, only much more compact. Blue accents on the keyboard and nicely finished stainless steel housing make the The Rii mini i12 a very neat, comfortable-looking keyboard.

The Rii mini i12

Rii mini i12 Multifunction wireless keyboard Features:

Ultra-slim with stainless steel
Portable and fashionable
Built-in rechargeable lithium-ion battery, using USB cable for charging, environment friendly
Touch pad with multi-finger functions
A single finger click as left mouse function, two-finger click as the right mouse function
Auto sleep for saving battery, clicking on any key to activate. USB receiver is inserted back in the keyboard for convenience and protection
Easy operation


Brand: Rii

Model: mini i12

Supporting system: Windows 2000/ Windows XP/ Windows Vista/ Windows CE/ Windows 7/ Windows 8, Linux (Debian-3.1, Redhat-9.0 Ubuntu-8.10 Fedora-7.0 tested), Android OS (With standard USB interface)

Receiver (dongle): Nano style

Connect port: With USB2.0 above

RF mode: 2.4Ghz GFSK

Transmission distance: Up to 10 meters

Transmission power: Less than +4db

Power supply: Rechargeable 450mAh polymer Lithium-ion battery

Charging voltage: 4.4V ~ 5.25V

Charging current: 300mA

Sleeping Current: 0.8mA

Operation Voltage: 3.3V

Material: ABS + PC + Aluminium alloy

Color: Black & Silver

Product Size: 260 * 83 * 13.5mm/ 10.2 * 3.3 * 0.5in

Product weight: 205g/ 7.23oz

Package size: 26.3 * 8.7 * 2.8cm/ 10.4 * 3.4 * 1.1in

Package weight: 280g/ 9.9oz

Package contents:

1 * Wireless Keyboard

1 * USB Wireless Receiver

1 * USB Charging Cable

1 * User Manual (English)

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Review of Rii mini i12 Multifunction wireless keyboard

cracking remote so much easier with bigger keys *****

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Review of Rii mini i12 Multifunction wireless keyboard
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