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R99 TV Box by EBox: Android 7.1 Kodi, Hexa-Core CPU, 4GB RAM, 32GB ROM

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The New RK3399 Ebox R99 TV box (Now Running the latest 7.1.2 Android OS)

The New R99 TV box from EntertainmentBox will take Smart TV boxes to a whole new level of performance. You can also view all the Best TV boxes we have available or you can compare TV boxes here. This new breed of Android box has the new RK3399 Chip, making every task a breeze. We have worked very hard on the software for this R99 TV box, to give you the best multimedia player experience yet. With an outstanding AnTuTu benchmark result of 77458, makes the Ebox R99 one of the fastest Android TV boxes date! And the reason this R99 TV box gets such a good result would be down to its Hexa-Core CPU and 4GB RAM.

Boasting a cluster of two processors an ARM Cortex-A72 and another cluster with four processors an ARM Cortex-A53. And at the GPU level, it has a Mali-T860mp4 with support for codecs decoding H.26 / H.264 and VP9 4K @ 60fps. (simply put, this is one hell of a device) Say hi to the new Ebox R99 with a Hexa-Core CPU and 4GB Ram Say Hi to the new Ebox R99 with a Hexa-Core CPU and 4GB Ram


What is an Ebox R99 TV box and what can it do? 

The EBox R99 is a Smart TV box that runs on the Android operating system. All you do is connect this box to a TV via an HDMI cable then connect the box to the internet. You can then play games, stream movies or do any other task a modern-day Android smartphone can do all on your TV. Some smart TVs can download applications and games but these smart TVs are no match for a dedicated media player such as the Ebox R99. See the full R99 TV box review click here. With access to a number of unlimited applications and the power to run high-performance games, the EBox R99 will become the central hub for your home entertainment. The R99 will receive a constant update with our OTA update app, and you will always have access to the latest version of Kodi or EBox MC with our EBox Store.

EBox R99 Video demo

We have customized our EBox R99 to be user-friendly and simple, we worked hard on our R99 TV box software to ensure the best user experience possible. From the moment, you switch on the Ebox R99, you will see how well it all just works. Below is the demo video of our Ebox R99 in action.

Main Features:

  1. Android Nougat 7.1.2 ‎
  2. OTA firmware updates
  3. 4K Resolution,
  4. UHD 4K and Vivid World with HDR
  5. CPU: RK3399 Hexa Core 64-bit: Dual Cortex-A72 core + Quad Cortex-A53 core
  6. GPU: ARM Mali-T860 high-performance GPU quad-core 800MHZ
  7. RAM: 4GB/ RAM Type: DDR3
  8. ROM: 32G/onboard memory
  9. Wi-Fi and Ethernet
  10. EntertainmentBox® App
  11. Main application stores (EntertainmentBox® apps, Play Store, Aptoide apps)
  12. IPVanish: We recommend you use a VPN with all of our devices which come preloaded with VPN. If you don’t already have an account, we have set up a special discount for IPVanish VPN. To find out more about what a VPN is, why you need one, and how to set it up click here
  13. Kodi 17.4 pre-installed
  14. H.263,H.264,H.265, and VP9 Decoding
  15. Bluetooth 4.1

Use voice to control the Ebox R99 TV box

If you combine this R99 box with the New S77 Pro remote it is possible to use your voice to control this TV box, using Google Now! just like a Google Home, Amazon Echo or a Siri Speaker. Is it possible use your R99 box to perform most of the same tasks including integrating as a connected home device? Using the EBox R99 TV box it is possible to use voice commands to search YouTube or Netflix for music or movies then play your choice directly on a TV. If you have a Nest thermostat it is easy to change the temper of your home with one simple command! “Set the temperature to 80 degrees”. You can also view our best OK Google commands for a TV box. There are 1000s of voice commands that you can use with your EBox and the list is growing daily.

About the R99 and What is installed on the box?

The R99 TV box uses apps to do all different tasks including streaming, gaming, or any kind of media activity. We have added only best apps to get you started, we do not overload our boxes with apps that you would never probably use. Instead, we install all the best apps that allow you to download apps that are right for you.  Let us look at the apps that we have installed on the Ebox r99 TV box below.


  • IPVanish:  We recommend you use a VPN with all our devices which come preloaded with VPN. If you do not already have an account, we have set up a special discount for IPVanish VPN. To find out more about what a VPN is, why you need one, and how to set it up click here
  • EBox MC: Is our own build of Kodi 17.4 and the best for TV boxes anytime a new build of Kodi is released we, in turn, release the EBMC version
  • EBox® OTA: At Entertainment Box we have been offering OTA firmware updates for some time now so it’s no surprise that our EBox R99 Box has this feature. With OTA updates, it makes the end user life easier, no more playing with SD cards or looking for the correct software online.
  • SuperSU: With SuperSU you will have full access to the internal system. allowing the use of any application that requires Root access.
  • Plex: Organises all your personal media, wherever you keep it, so you can enjoy it on your device
  • Netflix: Stream 1000s of movies and TV shows
  • Play Store: Choose from millions of top Android app titles
  • Aptoide TV: Download the best Android apps and games on Aptoide! Discover, download, and share Android APKs
  • EBox Store: Hand-picked Android apps for your TV box
  • Youtube: Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube
  • EBox app: Updates downloads and more
  • Google: Use Google voice search to open apps, open settings, play videos and more.

Connect the Ebox R99 to any PC, Apple Phone, Android Phone

The Ebox R99 will connect to all your home devices including PC’s Phones, Tablets and more. share files to and from the device, playback movies over AirPlay or Android Miracast.

  • EBox App: We have been installing this app on all our devices for some time, so the user can have easy access to all our support channels. We also add direct links to. apk files that the user can download directly onto their device.
  • AirPlay: Having AirPlay installed also allows you to share any Movie, Photo, file from your Apple device to your R99 wirelessly
  • Miracast DLNA: You can share any Movie, Photo, file from any Android device wirelessly
  • eHomeMediaCenter: Share files from a PC to the R99 Wirelessly

The Ebox R99 RK3399 supports [email protected] 60

4K HDR at 60Hz HDR is that it can provide a higher level of contrast between light and dark images on the screen to create a much more realistic image. That may not sound like a lot on paper, but, it’s a pretty significant move. In fact, many in the industry believe HDR represents a significantly bigger leap in picture quality than UHD’s higher resolution. Let’s be clear here: HDR is not the next “3D.” HDR is here to stay, and we couldn’t be happier about it.

10-bit deep colour

With 10-bit colour, you get 1,024 shades of each primary colour and over a billion possible colours. Most 4K TVs will come with full HDR colour by 2017 and it is a wonderful thing to behold because the colour enhancements delivered by wide colour gamut and the 10-bit colour is huge when compared to what you would see with regular SDR display and 8-bit colour. If your TV supports 10-bit colour then this box will blow you away with how in-depth the visual experience is.


Custom dual launcher for beginners and expert users: If you are new to an internet box then our launcher for beginners will help you learn about your device as you go. With links to our forum or help centre and setup guides, it will help you better understand your device. For more experienced users you can switch to the basic launcher without any notification. You can also choose to switch between launchers at any time.

Ultimate Streaming, Gaming, Web Browsing experience with the RK3399 chip

The Ebox R99 will give you the ultimate Smart TV box experience allowing you to do any of the below tasks and more. The Ebox R99 will make snappy work of any task or application you throw at it. These are some of the most common tasks you can do with your R99 TV box.

  • Stream Live TV (via apps you can download).
  • You can also Stream Movies (via apps you can download)
  • Stream Movies from your home network or an SD card/HDD, to the device.
  • Play games (with an emulator you can play your downloaded Roms straight on this device). You can play games directly onto your TV with any game that you download from the Google Play store. There are many Roms and games available at no cost. If you would like more information on retro games, take a look at the Retro Games here
  • You can also use this device Internationally take this on Ebox R99 on holiday or when you go away.
  • Airplay and Miracast support. You can also now stream your movies and photos from your Apple device or other supported devices.
  • Use Kodi(A blank version of Kodi is pre-installed on this box. We do not install any pre-loaded configurations, wizards or builds)
  • Watch WWE Network, Netflix, Amazon Prime etc (a subscription fee will be required).
  • Catch up on all your missed TV with TV Catch-up and other catch-up applications.
  • Browse the internet use the internet with the built-in web browser or download a different one it is up to you.
  • Use the Google Play store download apps from the biggest app store on the planet

EBox R99 Smart Box Specification

  • System Bit: 64Bit
  • Type: TV Box
  • System:
  • Android Nougat 7.1.2 ‎
  • Processor: RK3399
  • CPU: ARM Cortex-A53,ARM Cortex-A72
  • Core: 2.0GHz
  • GPU: ARM Mali-T860MP4
  • RAM: 4G
  • RAM Type: DDR3
  • ROM: 32G
  • Max. Extended Capacity: 64G
  • Features: 5.1 Surround Sound Output

Supported media

  1. Decoder Format: H.263,H.264,H.265, HD MPEG4
  2. Video format: ASF, AVI, DAT, FLV, ISO, MOV, MP4, MPEG, TS, WMV
  3. Audio format: AAC, ACC, AFE, DDP, DTS, FLAC, HD, M4A, MP3, MPEG, OGA, OGG, RM, TrueHD, WAV, WAVMIDI, WMA
  4. Photo Format: BMP, GIF, JPEG, PNG
  5. Support 5.1 Surround Sound Output: Yes


  • 5G WiFi: Yes
  • Bluetooth: Bluetooth4.0
  • Power Supply: Charge Adapter
  • Interface: DC 5V,HDMI,LAN,Optical,TF card,Type-C,USB2.0,USB3.0
  • Language: Multi-language
  • HDMI Version: 2.0
  • Other Functions: 3D Games,3D Video,DLNA,ISO Files,Miracast,NTSC,PAL
  • HDMI Function: HDCP
  • RJ45 Port Speed: 1000M

Whats in the box

  • R99 Android
  • Android Nougat 7.1.2 ‎TV Box,
  • Power Adapter,
  • Remote Control,
  • HDMI Cable,
  • English User Manual

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