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Q50s GPS Watch For Kids, GPS tracker watch, Mobile Phone Tracking Watch

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Q50s GPS watch for kids

In today’s age, we are always hearing and reading, about young people being in unsafe places and situations. This is not a pleasant thought, however, it is one that needs attention and action. With the help of the Q50s GPS watch for kids, it is possible to keep in contact with its owner, this could be your child, grandchild or loved one. The watch works alongside an application available for both Apple and Android phones. Once the app is installed on a phone it will control all the settings for the watch including the watches phone book. There are many features that a mobile phone tracking watch has such as being able to establish the location of the wearer, SOS one touch calling, making calls using only selected phone numbers, voice and text Messages, monitoring call, watch removal alerts and a pedometer.

No mobile phone Micro Sim Card is sold with this product. You will need to supply your own network sim card that has a data plan and a call plan. You will also need to download the free application for Android or IOS to setup and monitor the watch.

Q50s GPS tracker watch main features

  • Apple and Android app available
  • GPS +LBS, positioning dual-mode positioning. The Q50s uses GPS and also LBS tracking technology for more accurate location tracking
  • SOS call function, two-way communication
  • GEO fence allows you to set an electric fence, if the watch leaves a set area you will be notified by the app
  • Monitoring call, silently call the watch and listen to what’s happening (the watch will not display any signs of a call)
  • Real time tracking
  • Watch removal alarm if the watch is removed the owner will be notified
  • Low-battery alarm, if the watch is getting low on battery it will notify the owner of the app
  • Pedometer, monitor how many steps the wearer of the watch has taken
  • 15-second voice message, send voice messages to the watch or from the watch
  • Send text messages to the watch from the app
  • White list incoming calls, you can set a whitelist only allowing incoming calls from numbers added to the app
  • History route, see the route the watch has taken
  • 10 contact phone book, the watch can store 10 white listed phone numbers to call in case of emergencies
  • Locate watch using the built-in speaker, make the watch ring when looking for it

Q50s GPS watch for kids functions 

This Q50s GPS tracker works by installing either an Android or Apple app on your smartphone, once paired the app can monitor or communicate with the watch at any time. The Q50s kid’s smart watch will give that peace of mind when allowing the wearer (child) to have that next step of independence. With the Q50s you can still keep control of where the user of the watch is. Once the child has reached their destination it is possible to obtain confirmation that the child arrived safely.

GPS tracker watch functions

GEO allows the app used to create an electric fence if the watch leaves a set area a notification will be sent. tracking allows the user of the app to locate the wearer of the watch using a satellite global positioning. Using GPS and LBS dual positioning it is possible to obtain an accurate location of the watch at any time. It is also possible to track the route the watch has taken and also view real time to track the watches location. Directions to locate the watch can also be obtained using the user of the app’s mobiles phones using built-in maps.

Mobile phone tracking watch functions

When using the app it is possible to monitor the sound around the watch at any time. This works by the app user requesting the watch to call a designated phone number which has been set up by the user. The watch will then call your pre-defined number, without the watch displaying that a call is in progress or any other calling display being shown, allowing you to eavesdrop on the watch at any time.Using the one-touch SOS button the wearer of the watch can call a predefined number. If for any reason the wearer of the watch is in any trouble all they need to do is press the SOS button and the watch will send the location of the watch to the app then ring the SOS phone number stored.You can add up to 10 phone numbers into the app that will act as a phone book for the watch. This ensures you have control over who can call be called, not only will it restrict the outgoing calls but also restrict incoming phone numbers (allowing the watch to ring if it is a number that is stored on the app only).It is also possible to send a 15-second voice message to the watch or an SMS text message. The Q50s digital display will show the messages sent by the app.

Pedometer function

The Q50s watch has a vibration sensor allowing you to monitor the steps walked by the user wearing the watch. This function is a good way to monitor a number of steps that the that the user of the watch has taken.

Extra functions  

Do Not Disturb You can set the time where the watch will not be able to receive any phone calls or messages. This would normally be set during school hours or other activities in order to ensure that there are not any unnecessary distractions.Shutdown the Device This feature permits a remote shutdown of the watch. Once the watch is connected using the App, the wearer will not be able to turn off the watch, therefore it is possible to track the phone without worrying that the watch is purposely switched off.Login into 2 different phones on the same account It is possible for the app user to connect to the watch via more than one phone (parents of a child wearing this product can access the app on each of their phones). If there is more than 1 phone set up on the account, both phones will receive voice messages sent by the child/watch wearer. When a response is sent to the watch by either phone on the account, then the other phone on the account will also receive the same message.Alerts  The Q50s will alert you to the following events; the battery on the watch falls below 15%, the watch is unbuckled after the setup period of 3 minutes has taken place, the child enters or exits a GEO fenced area.

Q50s Specification

  • GPS type: GPS tracker
  • Band name: Q50
  • Screen size: 1″
  • Screen material:LED display
  • Frequency:GSM 850/900/1800/1900MHz
  • GSM/GPS:MTK6261 UBX7020
  • GPRS:Class 12 TCP IPbuild in GSm MODULE
  • GPS Senstivity: -159 dbm
  • GPS Positioning Accuracy:10m (2D RM)|
  • Gsm Positioning Accuracy: 50-200mm
  • Speed Accuracy: 0.1m/s
  • Maximum Altitude: 18000m
  • Battery Capacitry: 3.7V 320mA
  • Size(watch case): 45.0 (L)*32.0 (w)*13.0 (H) mm * Weight: 35.1g
  • Working temperature: -20~70
  • Humidity: 20%~80%RH
  • Interface: USB 3.0
  • Available Colours: blue/green/pink
  • In the box 1x mobile phone tracking watch, 1x screwdriver 2x screws (to secure back panel) 1x USB charging cable


This product, not a fully fledged mobile phone and there are limitations for the user (no social media platforms or messaging apps) but maintaining two-way communication. The Q50s kids tracking watch is a perfect tool which could provide peace of mind for when the child is at the point of being a little more independent but requiring monitoring (providing the watch location via GPS as well as having other alert functions).  

The Q50s is specifically designed for children, elders and other groups needing custody. Do not use the product for illegal purposes, such as tracking and tapping other persons’ privacy. All consequences arising from such illegal actions should be borne by the user! We will not be held responsible for any users actions.

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