EBox Air 5 portable projector

EBox Air 5 portable projector Android 5.1, Apps, 4K decoding Kodi 17.1

Just when we feel we have given you the best options of Android Powered devices we go and out do ourselves. EBox would like to reveal to you the launch of our latest Android-powered projector. The new 2017 Amlogic S905 Projector 2G/16G Android 6.1 mini pocket projector, 200 inches, WIFI Bluetooth 2.4G, Wireless remote. The new edition to our already great range of pocket projectors is now available. This will give the user the high end of quality that is offered with all our Android powered devices to assure you the best EBox experience. You can also compare and review the best projectors or you can view our Pocket projector buying guide to help you choose the right projector for you.

The EBox Air 5 is the latest portable projector with 6.1 Android OS system this portable projector gives you the feel of home theatre at home. With its 3D features, the EBox Air Projector range is proving to be a popular choice for movie lovers. It is perfect for any movie, presentation, television shows, games etc. Moreover, the EBox Air 5 Portable Projector will give you the feeling of watching a blockbuster at the cinema hall. With Android 6.1 OS built-in you can use any Android app. This portable projector gives you the experience which only a high-class blockbuster projector can give.

Main features

Below are only a few of the features the EBox Air 5 portable projector has:

  1. Pure Android 6.1 OS (internet browser, play store, EBox store, Netflix,)
  2. Wi-Fi 2.4 & 5G / Ethernet Port
  3. CPU: Amlogic S905, 4
  4. GPU: ARM Cortex A53 up to 2.0Ghz
  5. Kodi 17.6 & EBox MC 16.6.0
  6. OTA updates (over the air firmware updates maintained by us)
  7. Rooted firmware (allows the use of any Android app)
  8. HDMI Output (connect it to any monitor, use A monitor as to display)
  9. Bluetooth 4.0
  10. Internal speakers
  11. Completely portable with its built-in Li-polymer, 8000mAh battery
  12. 4K video decoding
  13. 3D playback
  14. 30-200-inch projection size
  15. 200 Lumens Lx@1M market brightness
  16. Projection Distance, 1-5M
  17. Digital auto keystone correction
  18. Airplay/MiraCast display sharing
  19. 2GB RAM, ROM DDR3 + 16GB Flash
  20. Full HD resolution 1280 X 800
  21. Micro SD card port
  22. VGA port
  23. 2 x USB ports
  24. Throw Ratio: 16:10

Video demo and unboxing coming soon!

Description – EBox Air Gold Portable Projector

The EBox Air 5 is the latest in the EBox Air projector range. It features everything you could ask for in a projector and a little more. Let’s look at some of the main features this projector must offer.

Pure Android 6.1 OS

When a projector runs on a pure Android 6.1 operating system you can download any app you like, use the built-in internet browser to install games, apps and more without restriction like you can find on the Android TV platform. And as this projector is running on 6.1 it means you can use Kodi 17, Kodi 18 or whatever version you like.

Kodi 17.6 and EBMC (EBox MC)

We work hard on all the software we release, and the EBox Air 5 is no different. But as time goes by we like to introduce new features or we may need to fix a few bugs. This is where our OTA updates come into play, OTA allows us to be able to push firmware updates out just like any modern-day smartphone. All the user should do is open our OTA app and let the device do the rest.

OTA firmware updates

We work hard on all the software we release, and the EBox Air 5 is no different. But as time goes by we like to introduce new features or we may need to fix a few bugs. This is where our OTA updates come into play, OTA allows us to be able to push firmware updates out just like any modern-day smartphone. All the user should do is open our OTA app and let the device do the rest.

Fully unlocked rooted firmware

The privilege of having a rooted device is having the ability to manipulate the Android OS. This allows you to use core system files on your device. You might think I don’t need to use the core files on my device so how would this benefit me? The truth is most of the best Android apps need root access to run on the Android OS. By having root access these apps can change key files on your device and allow them to run correctly. These include apps like IPVanish, Titanium Backup.

HDMI input

This pocket projector has an HDMI input, so let’s take a look at how it works when I connect an Xbox One via HDMI to the Projector. Now you can play video games in super high-quality high definition on any wall in your home. Not only does the EBox Air Mini Projector have access to countless options of entertainment on it, but you can connect any console or other HDMI connected source of media to be able to enjoy on your wall.

Bluetooth 4.0

By having Bluetooth, you will be able to connect to any Bluetooth enabled device. You can connect to A Bluetooth surround system or a Bluetooth speaker. By connecting the projector to an external sound system, it will give you a perfect cinema experience. The Bluetooth can be used for outputting sound and it can also be used for connecting gaming controllers. If you connect an EBox Bluetooth gamepad it will allow the user to play games on the projector, and use the air mouse with its built-in touchpad.

Built-in speaker

The EBox Air 5 has two built-in speakers under the bottom of the unit allowing for audio playback. However, the built-in speakers may not be adequate for all situations. The EBox Air 5 allows you to connect to any Bluetooth-enabled audio device. You also have the option to use an AUX for added audio output.

Completely Portable

The EBox Air 5 is completely portable. It has a Li-polymer, 8000mAh built-in battery, allowing up 90 minutes of use on a full charge. Making this portable projector perfect for presentations or taking on holiday.

EBox Air 5 supports 3D & 4K

With 3D and 4K support, this project will decode most file formats. Watch stunning 4K or 3D movies through this projector. This projector will play most 4K and 3D files then output in its native 854 x 480 full HD resolution. It has different 3D modes to choose from allowing for utmost compatibility when streaming content through Kodi. Or other media files you might have on a PC, SD card, USB.


You can adjust the projection size by moving the projector closer or further from the wall or screen you are projecting onto. The projection size can be as small as 30 inches or increased all the way up to 200 inches. The projector can be placed anywhere between 1-5 meters from the wall or screen. The ideal distance would be around 4 meters away from the target area. This projector has a throw ratio of: 16:10.

Keystone correction

With digital auto keystone correction, the projector will automatically adjust the projection to always show a crisp square image on the screen or wall. It has two keystone correction options, one for auto keystone correction and one for manual keystone correction. With manual keystone correction, it allows the user to fine-tune the image projection angle.

Wireless connectivity

The EBox Air 5 mini portable projector will allow you to connect devices like an Android tablet or an Apple iPhone /iPad. Using the built-in Airplay or Miracast app you can stream all your photos or videos from your mobile devices directly to the projector. Happycast also allows for the user to play games through a phone then use the projector as the screen. All you need to do is connect the mobile device to the same Wi-Fi connection as the projector, then open the media you would like to share.

External connectivity

One of the biggest things to think about when it comes to choosing a projector is what you can connect to. The EBox Air 5 mini portable projector has every type of output you would need when choosing a projector. HDMI /AV /VGA /USB x 2 /Micro SD card (TF card) /RJ45 /Audio Out and DC in.


With applications at the heart of the EBox Air 5 mini portable projector you can download any Android app you like from one of the many application stores that we have installed for you. With the EBox store, you will have access to a choice of handpicked applications for your device.

Projector contents

Software we install onto the MDI i5 projector

What can the EBox Air 5 mini portable projector do?

    • Stream Live TV (via Apps you can download).
    • Also, Stream Movies (via Apps you can download)
    • Stream Movies from your home network or an SD card/HDD, to the device.
    • Play games (with an emulator you can play your downloaded Roms straight on this device). If you would like more information on Retro games, take a look at the Retro Games here.
    • Use this device Internationally.
    • The EBox Air I has Airplay and Miracast support. So, you can stream your movies and photos from your Apple device or other supported devices.
    • Use EBMC Kodi (A blank version of EBMC Kodi is pre-installed on this box. The manufacturer or ourselves do not install any pre-loaded configurations, wizards or builds.).
    • Watch WWE Network, Netflix, Amazon Prime etc. (A subscription fee will be required).
    • Catch up on all your missed TV with TV Catch-up and other catch up applications.
    • Use the internet with the built-in web browser.
    • Use the Google Play store.


    Extra Specialty

    • There is a 30 days’ money back guarantee on any purchase made by our company and we urge feedback from clients.
    • There is a 12 months’ warranty on our products and we make sure you that if anything happens within that time we will fix it.
    • We have 24/7 customer service open for you. If you have any queries or difficulties with our products please come to us or contact us and the problem will be taken care of.


    EBox Air 5 mini portable projector and Its Specifications

    • Android 6.1 Operating System
    • 1 Year Warranty
    • Brightness 200 (Lumens)
    • Contrast 2100:1
    • 1 Built-in Internal speaker
    • Weight 224g
    • Size 14.8 x 8 x 1.5cm
    • 4K video decoding HDTV Formats: MP4/AVI/MKV/MOV/RMVB/MPG/FLV/WMV/TS/TB/VOB
      Audio Format:MP3/ac3-dts/ogg/ape/flac/aac/wav/wma
    • Throw Dist 1.19:1 (76 inch @ 2M).
    • inch image Size 30-120
    • Digital Auto Keystone Correction
    • Native Resolution 854 x 480
    • Maximum Resolution 854 x 480
    • Aspect Ratio 4:3
    • DLP Projector DLP
    • 3D Video Support
    • Bluetooth 4.0
    • AirPlay
    • Kodi 17.3
    • Internal Battery
    • Over the air support
    • GPU ARM Cortex A53 up to 2.0Ghz
    • CPU Amlogic S905
    • RAM 2GB
    • 16GB Flash
    • ROM DDR3
    • HDMI input
    • 12 Month Warranty
    • 8 x 8 x 1.5cm dimension
    • Main Applications Store