Android Ethernet Adaptor

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WOW recieved within 48hours, first impressions go a long way and this company blew me away. This new t8 v5 is outragiously good, fast and smooth and like the video review on youtube says, you get what you pay for. No more lagging movies, im a fan for life. Thanks

Customer service

Just wanted to let everyone know how good the customer service is , received T8v box and sadly there was a fault with it ( these things happen with tech) contacted ebox shop over phone (very helpful) tried a few suggestions to fix problem and after no success was told to send box back.They received faulty box on the Wednesday; emailed me to say they had received it and we’re exchanging box, received new box on the Thursday which all works fine . Fantastic customer support and service THANKS

Live Chat Fix

Had a few problems accessing KODI after an update. The Live Chat assistance is OUTSTANDING. Very fast and all achieved through remote access. Really impressed.


Excellent machine to get what I need.