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Multimedia Pocket Projectors powered by Android

(Multimedia Pocket Projectors powered by Android PDF) Only a few years ago, the concept of having a portable led projector small enough to take with you in your bag, let alone in your pocket, was just wishful thinking. But as projectors have come down in size, portable models have certainly come into their own, making it possible for people to project their data and video anywhere they go. Not only that, they encompass a surprisingly wide range in size, brightness, and features. The EBox Air pocket projector is still powerful enough to give you a cinema experience anywhere you have a blank wall. You can also compare and review the best projectors or you can view our Pocket projector buying guide to help you choose the right projector for you.

EBox Air mini pocket projectors

The new Ebox Air Mini pocket projectors are available in two different versions. The Ebox Air S, and the Ebox Air I. The Ebox Air S comes with an HDMI OUTPUT, to connect to your television or monitor; it also comes with 16 gigabytes of on-board storage. The Ebox Air I has 32 gigabytes of on-board storage, and an HDMI INPUT, allowing a video game console, or any other media source to be connected to the Ebox Air I, and projected onto any wall or screen in your home.

Auto keystone correction

The Ebox Air Mini Multimedia Projector comes with auto keystone correction, ensuring a perfect image, no matter what angle the Ebox Air Mini projector home is titled at.

It comes beautifully packaged, with the utmost attention to keeping it safe and secure. You can see the Ebox Air Mini Projector I has 2 USB ports on the side of it. It has a headphone jack for private listening, and a HDMI port. It also comes with manual focus, for the times when you want to make sure the image is crystal clear to your liking. There is also an SD card slot, for adding additional memory capacity. On the bottom, you can see a ¼ inch thread hole, to connect to any standard tripod. The top has all of the menu buttons for easy navigation.

Kodi cinema projector

When you play movies in Kodi, you can see for yourself the quality image the HD projectors provides. Because EBMC is custom designed to play media files efficiently, you won’t get the usual lag or buffering you’re used to seeing on video sites online. The image itself is super high quality high definition.

The Ebox Air Mini Projector is super portable, and you can take it with you anywhere you go. You can have it set up and playing on any wall you want in seconds. Going on a camping trip? Bring the Ebox Air Mini Projector with you and watch any movie you want right on the side wall of your tent. Have a presentation to do? Don’t lug around a massive projector, use the Ebox Air Mini Projector and be up in running in no time. True freedom of entertainment in the palm of your hand.

The ultimate guide to home projectors

Micro projectors are a very useful device that displays the image from an android mobile device onto the canvas or every kind of wall surface. It is ideal for teaching, making presentations to large groups, as well as watching movies. It is widely used in various situations: classrooms, conference rooms, and home premises where serves as the specific home theater. Projectors vary in sizes and capabilities. They can be mini projectors, portable android powered projectors which require a darkened environment to deliver even remotely visible image on the projected surface. They are strong professional devices with powerful projection systems whose picture is clear and easy to read, even in the condition of well-lit space.

Getting the projector is not a simple matter or harmless investment so you need to consider well before you choose and buy the one that includes features and capabilities necessary to meet your needs on one hand, and financial capabilities of the other one. For example, the brightness level is one of the key factors for purchasing a projector, but if you don’t use it often in an environment such as large halls and classrooms you may not need a high-performance projector in terms of strong light.

The manner of projection – which one to choose: LCD and DLP models to project?

Technology and the way that the projector displays the image on the screen or wall can be divided into two main types: RF transmission and reflective. LCD projectors are leaking light through the LCD matrix. DLP projectors, unlike the previous type, use a system of mirrors that helps direct the light, reflecting on the image displayed so that they belong to a reflective type projector. There is a third type, LED projectors that are named after the light source and not according to the way the projected image.

How do DLP portable led projector works?

DLP projectors are based on DLP chip device with a digital micro-mirror (DMD), which consists of two million tiny mirrors wide-fifth as much as a human hair. Each mirror and the angle of reflected light at this chip can be adjusted independently, move closer or move away from the light source to project how bright or dark pixel. At this time we are talking about black and white image with gray tones. The colour is produced by passing the light beam through the colour drum that spins. It lies between the light source, lamps in the projector and the DMD device. Synchronizing the movement mirrors in the DMD device and colour drums creates a picture. The basic model colour drum supports red, blue and green, while those more advanced capabilities can reproduce shades of purple, dark blue and yellow. These chips can make a palette of 16.7 million colours a DLP projector with three chips can deliver 35 trillion colours. Models with three chips have a better image and greater value refresh rate and were with them much less pronounced problems with the effect of “long” during playback. After the fight enters the DMD, created the image passed through the lens and projected onto the intended surface.

DLP projectors, LCD projectors

DLP projectors require less maintenance than LCD projectors because they are using filters and closed chips, which means that the dust cannot enter inside the chip and cause errors and interference in the projection image. They are practically immune to errors in colour degradation. They are cheaper than LCD models and produce darker blacks giving a better contrast image that is projected. DLP projectors with slower drum brakes can cause a “rainbow”, flashing colours that are shown during the screenings. This happens in fast-action scenes video when fed a certain number of frames. Then appear wavy effects on red, blue and green, which are called the effect of “long”. This effect is especially noticeable in black and white high contrast content Most DLP projectors are not compatible with the zoom lens it is also possible to increase the visible surface on which the image is projected. Therefore, the DLP projectors are suited for smaller rooms.

How do LCD projectors work?

LCD projectors use the same type of matrix liquid crystal which creates an image and one that is in the manual clocks and other electronic devices. Most LCD projectors are using 3 LCD technology, a patented system that combines three screens of the liquid crystal. The image is created in several steps, starting with the creation of the light source in the form of a beam of light. The white light passes through the three mirrors are called dichroic mirrors that are specially designed to reflect light at specific wavelengths. In this case mirrors reflect red, blue and green wavelength. Each coloured light beam hits one of three LCD panels, which receives an electrical signal that tells him how to line up the pixels on the screen to create an image. All three LCD panels are here to create the same image. Pictures have different shades because of coloured light that passes through the panel. The image is then coupled to a prism, creating a single image with 16.7 million colours, which is passed through the lens and then projected onto the intended surface

LCD projectors

LCD projectors are far more dependable than the film projector. Maintenance-free, since the individual pixels are suffering from the effects of “combustion”, and dust particles can spoil the image quality. On the other hand, LCD projectors don’t have moving parts like a DLP projectors which are cheaper than DLP models with similar characteristics. LCD projectors create a greater visible surface and can be used on larger areas. Then it is necessary that the projector is positioned at a greater distance since it uses the lens to increase the venting pictures. The colours in the LCD projectors are less exaggerated than on DLP models, according to many, but it contributes to a more natural appearance of the image. This type of projector does not suffer from problems with colour distortion “rainbow effect” as it was the case in DLP models, and movements while video projections are smoother and with more natural animation.

How do LED projectors work?

In fact, this is about the individual models DLP projector LED projectors. Projectors small commonly used LED technology. It is a miniature, type projector using LCOS – technology, liquid crystal on silicon, which is similar to the LCD panel, or a reflective rather than the transmission type. In this case, the traditional projector lamp that makes the light beam is replaced by a long-lasting and efficient LED lighting in red, blue and green. In DLP type projectors, LED light changes colour drums and instead introduced the red, blue and green LED lighting that shines directly on the DMD chip.   LED lighting in LED projector has a longer service life (10,000-20,000 hours) compared to traditional lamps (1000-5000 hours). Practically, the LED light source lasts for the lifetime of the projector without having to be replaced during the use of this device. This significantly reduces maintenance costs caused by the replacement of traditional lamps for lighting. Also, there is no time delay needed to warm up when you turn on the device, or the lamp to cool down during the shutdown. LED technology is far more efficient in terms of energy efficiency and is far quieter because it does not require additional cooling fans because it consumes less energy so that less warm. This reduces the need for regular maintenance and overall operating costs of the device.

3D – three-dimensional view

The latest models have the option of the 3D projector for showing movies and games. These models require the use of 3D glasses with active electronic diaphragm because there are models with passive 3D technologies as it is the case with LCD TVs.   Some more expensive models have the capabilities of the projector MPEG noise reduction in the picture, which eliminates the unpleasant effects of digital compression and interpolated pictures.

The freedom of dynamic wireless projection

With upgraded wireless sharing features multimedia, mini projectors are giving you the freedom to design their own personality on display anytime, anywhere. Improved smart device projection, a versatile HDMI connector, and incredible short-throw projection enable you to have a great time. HD-ready image quality gives you incredible viewing experience with a reliable brightness of 30,000 hours in Eco mode, gamers virtually never have to stop.

Wireless sharing options that simplify everything

Connect and project like never before with the most wireless options so far. Expanding the scope of compatibility with smart devices and software makes it easy for everyone to share their love.

Streaming music helps you to project video, music, and photos wirelessly from any smart device with any DLNA-compatible applications. Regardless of whether you are on the phone or tablet, whether you are using iOS, Android or Windows. – E-Box Air allows you to share content with a large audience directly from your device.

PC display

Connect wirelessly from a Mac or PC using PC display modes and project with the function of reflecting screens in brilliant HD resolution and audio streaming. Whether it comes to watching a movie at night or partying in the open, user interface is inclined in PC mode so you can connect it quickly and easily.

Plug and play for instant sharing

Plug your phone to share video content, photos and games on the big screen up to 160 “across applications that support TV output. This all-in-one port even charges your device while using it, so the fun never stops. You can easily access to all the files directly from your device, excluding the extra steps and put all your videos, music and photos at your hand. Set you android powered projector in Standby Mode to enjoy your personal stereo system anytime.

Sharing without a computer

Do more with less. E-Box Air simplifies plug and plays connectivity by allowing you to access and project video content, photos, and documents directly from a USB drive or SD card.

Go anywhere with portable projection

The compact design of E-Box Air is the key for portability and dynamic projection options. Measuring just 14, 5 x 8 X 1, 5 cm, it allows you mobile cinema entertainment with 150 ANSI lumens of brightness with a fully charged battery. It fits in the palm and is ready to go!

Highlight any small space with large and bright images

USA TX DLP50 technology with RGB three-colour red source lights will help this model to deliver cinematic picture quality with optimized contrast and a wide range of colours. Add the HD ready resolution and you will want to take this experience anywhere.

The big picture of 40 “at a short distance

Enjoy the extra flexibility of short-range projections to 1.16 range projections. The image size of 40 “over a distance of 1 meters maximum area of projection of 120” – allows you to enjoy a personal cinema or entertain friends.

New paint and finishing layer

The clean lines in black, white and orange give you to your best mini projector own position – a clear, unique and sleek. When you see your phone is connected to a built-in connector, you will think that they are made for each other. Made for android phones mean that an electronic accessory has been designed to connect specifically to devices with android system and has been certified by the manufacturer to meet all latest performance standards

Final words:

No matter if you want to enjoy with your friend in home cinema experience, or you want to present new business idea, this kind of pocket product will be your best accessory. Latest technologies are expanding so now you have the possibility to have your personal projector connected with your android phone and you don’t have to carry big projectors. This one is made for your pocket. With HDMI connector you will be able to play games on your wall surface, so prepare yourself for the last test you need for this kind of product. You will be able to enjoy with perfect features that will help you expand your technological point of view.

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