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Smartwatches and its kinds

The smart watch is a computerized wristwatch that has many more features than just give you an exact time. While early models performed basic tasks, such as a calculator, translation, and playing games, modern smartphone watches are effectively supporting computers. Many smartwatches can run mobile applications, while a smaller number of models of these watches can run mobile operating systems and function as a portable media player, FM radio, Bluetooth and other features. Some models of smartwatches are called “satellite phones”, because they are providing full capability of mobile phones, even making calls and answering.

Such devices may have features such as camera, accelerometer, thermometer, altimeter, barometer, compass, chronograph, calculator, mobile phone, touch screen, GPS navigation, map, graphical display, speakers, schedule, and of course watch, which are recognized as a mass storage device like your computer.

GPS watches

There are also “sports watches”, that functions with the distinction of monitoring activities (also known as “fitness seekers”), as seen in GPS watches that are designed for training, diving, and other outdoor sports. Features can include training programs (such as intervals), the period for which it is necessary to move the circle, the display speed, GPS tracking device, tracking routes, the computer for monitoring depth, the ability to monitor heart rate, rhythm and the ability to monitor the compatibility with sports crossings (as in the triathlon).

As other computers, smart watches can also collect information from internal and external sensors. They can control, or takes data from, other instruments or computers, and also they can support portable technology such as Bluetooth, Wifi, and GPS. However, it is possible that “wristwatch computer” can only serve the design of the remote system, such as in the case with clocks that use mobile technology and Wi-Fi.

As with other sports watches, GPS tracking units can be used for recording history information. For example, after completion of the training, the data can be placed on your computer or network to create a diary of exercise activities for analysis. Some smart watches can serve as a full-fledged GPS navigation device, display maps, and current coordinates. Users can “mark” your current location, and then changes the name and coordinates, which enables navigation in these new coordinates.

Kid’s mobile phone watches

If you’re wondering what is kid’s mobile phone watch you are on the right path to discover what the engineers came up. These are simple smart watches with an appealing design that allows several things: tracking the location of your child, performing an emergency call over the hours, determination of safe zones and notification when the child leaves, and SOS calls.

These interesting smart watches are providing a large number of options. SIM card allows calls to several pre-defined numbers and SOS call. The combination of GPS module and mobile network guarantees precise tracking of movement of the child, and there is also an accelerometer, which is convenient for monitoring the daily activities of a child. The display is not too large but shows all necessary information while rubber frame with elements in the form of smiley emphasizes audience of hours.

It seems that someone has realized that there is a micro-niche user who is slightly younger. Made a prototype device that contains phone locator, waterproofed material, and design so that every child wants to have it. It aims to provide parents an easy and quick contact with children no matter where it is located.

It is produced in various colors and has a built-in GPS and Wi-Fi system, GSM radio and supports location tracking. Parents can use their iOS or Android phone to see where their children are. In addition, they can call the child and talk to him on the Smartwatch limited to sending calls to five numbers, which are approved by parents. Also, the clock can receive and send the messages.

Kid’s mobile phone watch 

The device contains a red button for emergencies. When this button is retained for about three seconds, the following happens: smart watch sends text messages to five numbers from memory and sends location information. It has the possibility to record the sound environment in which the child is. Then calls previously entered phone numbers in order: if there is no response to the first call smart watch is going to call the next number and so on. You don’t have to worry about your child anymore, your smart watch will keep track for every suspicious moment you or child endures.

In the case of no response to any of the five numbers from the phone book, it can directly call an ambulance service. This idea is perfect because your child will be safe no matter where it’s at. So you could stop worrying.

Tracker watches

In addition there are similar, though a lot simpler devices designed for pets in case you lose your cat or dog you can find them wherever they are with tracker watches This tiny device is cylindrical in shape in it packed an amazing amount of functions: 3G Wi-Fi router, pets hub, RF transceiver, IC transceiver, light sensor, temperature sensor, humidity sensor, the sensor air purity, battery, storing information in the cloud.

The basic idea controllers were to combine a large number of devices that appear in the process of making a smart home. Circular IC sensor provides a remote possibility, if you connect smart switch that controls the light, you can adjust light intensity changes depending on the ambient light. On the controller, you can add motion sensors and sirens, and make a real small home security system. The offer is added to it and it could be associated with a technique of connecting with other similar devices which enable additional control and connect devices around the house. This application has a lot of features and details and yet it is very easy to use. There are options of forming policies and interconnection devices interdependence of the detected signal, which is especially good for setting up the security system. Besides the controller, it has the opportunity to have 11 supplements that can be bound and which include RF sensors for windows/doors, RF socket, motion detection sensor, siren alarm, smoke detector.


While most smartwatches produced in the 21st century are fully functional as stand-alone programs, many of devices could pair with a mobile phone that uses the same operating system, which allows the clock to operate not only as a clock but as a remote phone. This allows the mobile phone watches to alert the communication of data such as calls, SMS messages, emails, and calls on the calendar.

General characteristics include:

  • Anti-Lost warning
  • Only time
  • Vibration during a call
  • Identification
  • Possibility to answer the call
  • Micro USB input port.

Sports tracker watches

Sports GPS watches are characterized by a simple elegant design and compact dimensions. Therefore, it is suitable for continuous wear. You can use it for running and for other sports activities. It has multi sport modes, except for running; this watch is perfect for cycling, swimming and “freestyle” outdoor activities and even an indoor gym.


  • GPS tracking – accurate timing, pace, distance and calories
  • 24/7 activity meter – measuring steps, active minutes of sleep, etc…
  • Wirelessly synchronize data after physical activity to your favourite applications:

They have HRM (optical pulse at all times) high-precision, a variant of Cardio + Music also has a music player (3GB internal memory) for direct wireless music playback on a stereo Bluetooth headset, without wearing your mobile phone. In this regard, sport tracker watches are unique and compatible with your every workout possibility

Mobile phone watches

Phone watches are freeing users from having to constantly check their smartphones and allows them the most important functions: your cellphone will always be on your hand.

Phone watches have a screen only slightly larger than four centimetres, from 800 megahertz processor, four gigabytes of memory and a 1.9-megapixel camera, mounted on the belt hour. The body clock and clasp are made of metal a bracelet comes in six colours. Built-in speaker allows users to make calls directly from hours, maintaining connections with Bluetooth and applications intermediaries, and users who have their hands can make a phone call by saying the hour, and that does not even touch the screen.

In addition to enabling control of smart devices, phone watches are also introducing several new features that help users to save significant moments that would have otherwise gone unrecorded. With the use of Demographer function and a 1.9-megapixel camera, users who are participating in physical activity can capture photos and video footage. The expansion of the concept of fast track, Voice Memo allows users to record important thoughts or conversations from a device worn around the arm, and that these voice recordings will immediately sync with your mobile phone device

The motivation for training and exaggeration of the same, are the two biggest challenges for new runners. This type of watches will motivate you, but it will keep track of your everyday activities.

During running, the clock signal can be received from the chip in the shoe “foot pod” and it will display speed, distance and running time. When you finish training, you can connect the device to a computer and transfer data to the various applications.  This way you can get extra motivation for training because you will be able to measure and then setting new goals.

GPS watch tracking 

Compared to older models that had trouble connecting to satellites and locating hours, new generation GPS watches have SiRFIV chip that allows much faster, easier and more precise monitoring clock via GPS. Using this device, users can pre-determine the routes they want to move or to receive certain goals. It is also possible to fully record routes via GPS and later to view routes on digital maps. The watch has a built-in accelerometer (a similar thing is in today’s mobile phones), which via GPS can count on the speed.

With GPS, smartphone watches are embedded with 3D compass, which is completely independent of the inclination of hours and therefore far more precise, of the heart rate monitor, thermometer, altimeter, and barometer, making it ideal for all off-road runners or researchers. Smart watches have a pedometer, so they are proved to be very durable. There is no analysis that does not agree with the assessment that this is an excellent product for its price.


A pedometer is part of a device that attaches to the shoe and measures running distance so that you could remember the length of your steps. They are having a multi-sport GPS satellite dedicated to monitoring training in all outdoor sports and housing with a large and clear display, waterproof to 50m depth, allowing safe use during swimming lessons. Equipped with all the functions of such are Auto Lap, Auto Pause, VirtuallPartner, AutoScroll, timing and tempo, odometer, climbs and downhill, current, average and maximum speed and Fig.  The device can collect all the training parameters, which can then be analysed in the attached Training Cetre software.

Final word

The latest technology has given us the possibility to enjoy various features in order to easy our lives. Smart watches are great accessories because in one small piece of equipment you have everything you need in order to function. No matter if you wear them for business purposes, or to keep track on your training, or just to protect your loved ones, this gadget will help you find a new way of understanding modern technological possibilities. Whether you’re walking or swimming or you just worry too much about your child, there is a way of keeping track for every possible scenario. You could now enjoy in your favourite systems and you should know that with these watches future will be closer than ever.

The World is changing rapidly, so if you want to set your mind free from all those different gadgets this is a product for you. Everything in one small piece of equipment and the best part is that its design is made look great. So you’ll have great looks and everything you possibly imagined on your hand.