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There’s a new breed of gaming system on the horizon, and it’s powered by Android and Windows. We are a GPD UK outlet.

The Xbox and PlayStation aren’t going anywhere. Outside of PC gaming, these machines are the go-to gaming devices for millions of people all over the globe. Not even Nintendo gets much of a look in these days. Even with new, huge titles like Mario Cart 8 now out on shelves. This is the order of things in 2015/16… but now the  GPD UK  a well-known gaming console manufacturer is attempting to disrupt the harmony, and they’re using Google’s versatile Android and the robust Windows 10 platforms to do so. Now fast approaching 2018 we have all the best Handheld Game Console on Android OS and Windows 10 by GPD.

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GPD Win Gaming Handheld Console

Our GPD Win Gamepad is a Windows 10 handheld computer equipped with a keyboard and gaming controls. Our GPD Win is an x86-based device which runs a full version of Windows 10 Home. This pocket-sized Windows gaming console is perfect for online gaming or offline gaming. And being a GPD UK dealer we always have stock. That’s not all this gaming pad can do with 4GB LPDDR3-1600 RAM, and a 64GB ROM eMMC it can handle any windows program that meets its specs.

It has a microSD slot that can officially support a maximum of 128GB of storage, but I have used a microSD card of up to 256GB. The Win has a 5.5-inch 1280×720 (720p) H-IPS touchscreen in 16:9 ratio. Reinforced by Gorilla Glass 3 and has a built-in speaker using a Realtek ALC5645. and has a built-in stereo speaker and built-in microphone. Windows compatible gaming is this device strong suit. But when considering other portable devices at this price point, few can compare to all that is offered here. With its power, portability, and versatility, the GPD Win is perfect for those looking to bring audio/video entertainment and Windows PC gaming on the go.

GPD Pocket PC the tiny Mini PC that will fit in your pocket

Our GPD Pocket Mini Laptop is the smallest most practicable mini PC’s around, and yes it can fit in your pocket. It comes with full Windows 10 Home, and it comes with a RAM of 8GB and internal memory of 128GB. That makes this masterpiece work like a standard laptop. The GPD Pocket Ultra Mobile Mini PC is a new generation of ultra-mobile Windows 10 device. And has the same MacBook-like magnesium alloy chassis. It measures 180mm x 106mm x 18.5mm, and it weighs a light 480 grams. It has a good-sized keyboard and a nubbin for controlling the cursor, and the hardware comes by way of a USB 3.0 connection, USB 3.1 Type-C port, an HDMI port and USB 3.0 connection. Wi-Fi is 802.11ac and Bluetooth 4.1 rounds of connectivities.

GPD Q9 Android Gamepad

The fantastic Q9 Gamepad is extremely versatile. Is it an Android device? or a games console? Is it a games emulator? … Well, it is all of that and more! The display is viewed through an IPS 7 Inch screen. Running on Android 4.4 the colours and reproduction on the screen are impressive with a fantastic contrast.2015 New GPD Q9 7″ 4-Core RockChip 3288 A17 4 Core 1.8Ghz Game Consoles Tablet 1080P 2G+16GB. There are more than 100,000 games available from 16 Platforms including SNES, NES, Megadrile, Master System, and PC Games. The Q9 ARM Cortex A17 quad-core processor comes in with a 1.8 GHz clock rate, meaning it can handle a lot of things well and run programs extremely quickly.

The GPD Q9 offers extremely high performance through the ARM Mali GPU Y764, 96Core GPU. Included in the Q9 IS 2gb of RAM and 16gb of storage. You can also add your own additional MicroSD card with support up to 64gb. The GPD Q9 offers a 5000MaH battery which can provide up to seven hours normal usage time. The great thing the charge on this thing is great compared to some other handheld devices. With the GPD Q9 built-in web browser, you can surf to the sites you check every day for news or entertainment from the comfort of your sofa. Using a familiar interface, you can navigate around the web, bringing you your favourite online content in seconds.
Taking handheld consoles to a new level in 2018