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The Best Android box for Kodi: Maximize Your TV Experience

Since you’re up to getting the best experience out of TV viewing, and you think that a TV Box is the best way to make that happen, we’re here to help you out with what we have observed from some of the Best Android Box we have on the market. We’re not saying the ones below are the perfect ones for people’s various preferences and needs. We’re just giving you all a guide by discussing the features of these boxes. We start with some of the basics for the not-so technology-inclined.

Best Android Box


Android Box Best Buy

An Android box has the ability to improve the functionalities of an ordinary TV. Some sellers prefer to describe it as “the ability to turn any TV into a smart TV”. With so different boxes on the market, it is hard to find an Android Box Best Buy, Not anymore! check out our fantastic deals.

After connecting a box to the TV on one end and connecting it to an internet device on the other end, the viewers have more options for entertainment. You can play video games, have access to more shows, and watch your favourite sports games live.

In a nutshell, it is just a way of bringing the power of internet into your TV system. This way, you can surf the web and stream videos. You can get what Hulu or Netflix offers without the usual difficult requirements.

Android Box Best Buy


What’s Kodi?

Kodi is the app that boxes like the Android devices we’re featuring below are using for streaming purposes. It is free, open-source software, so its usage doesn’t require licensing or it is not held back by any curated app store. Kodi can be downloaded and installed on many different platforms Android being one of the most popular choices.

Some TV boxes might be using another service like Chromecast or Plex instead of Kodi. The advantage of Kodi is that it is free and is run by a non-profit organization. In addition, the app is continuously being upgraded by coders all over the world. So your TV box system is continuously updated, as well while using a smart TV Box.

Our job at this point is to do a “compare and contrast” of the TV boxes that we’ve chosen as the best on the market. There are of course notable differences, but we’ll try to go deeper to the minutest details as possible. So here we go, and we’re starting with the one we deem to be the best of the crop.

EBox Smart Box is a powerful device, which converts your TV into a Smart TV. The box comes with an open source platform for you to watch Videos on your TV. Our boxes are powered by Android. They also come packed with Technologies like Airplay, DLNA, Miracast so you can stream any video from your laptop, phone or tablet to your TV.

This is the best place to buy the newest boxes in the UK and USA

Entertainmentbox is the best place to buy a TV box if you live in the UK or the USA. Below are just some of the reason you should only buy from only a name you can trust. We offer the best after sales help and advice, updates for the devices.

Everything you need to know about Android Based TV boxes

Android-powered TV box is not just a box that connects to any TV. No, it’s nothing like the Apple TV or the Amazon Fire stick devices. Android® is a brand new ecosystem that thrives on turning the TV device that will manifest all of your favourite activities from your phone, computer or tablet.

What does it mean?

Specifically, best TV box gives the user possibility of using application with endless lists of the Google Play store apps. Also, users are able to transfer the image from any device on the Android platform. Also, Android tablet or phone can be used as controllers for an Android powered box. Actually, The Android OS is a great is suited for watching TV programs.

Android TV, unlike our EBox “Set-Top Box” devices, can be directly integrated within the TV as Sony did it on its TV which was presented at the CES 2015 conference. Basically, Android TV is still a huge project with great potential. Android TV successfully solves all the problems where it was immediately accepted by different programmers. Perhaps most importantly, through the media, to all users.

Here’s what you need to know in relation to Android OS platform and Smart TVs in general:

  • Android OS has huge potential
  • Android OS is a platform for games too

The Latest TV box can do almost everything as well as the Android tablet or phone. It certainly involves playing games. To make matters even more interesting, Ebox has already released our gaming pad for “Set-Top Boxes” for all gaming enthusiasts! Users will be able to broadcast their favourite games from the PC to the box and with the help of interesting gamepad enjoy them. Of course, all other features will be available to the above-mentioned gaming function.

Android OS is far more capable than the Chromecast device

Google Chromecast is fantastic, there’s no doubt. With it, without the problem, you can move images from phone to TV or run a couple of applications that support the Chromecast. However, that is all that this device can do. Android OS is designed much differently, as a much larger project.

When the producers of the television announced the release of Smart TV we were all thrilled with the idea that TV cannot do the same things as PC. Soon we realized that this is not so. Manufacturers of TVs were first stumbled on an operating system that is not compatible with today’s standards when the applications are concerned, so we had limited edition and limited quality of applications.

Another problem was the fact that an ordinary remote control cannot be used in the role of TV media player. All this did not work out too well, so manufacturers have launched Android Box players to justify their role and indeed they have proved that they are true multimedia centres and that the future of watching TV channels, movies, listening to music are with Android Based TV Box

What is, in fact, the Android TV box?

The Latest Android Box is a device that usually runs on the Android operating system, although there are versions that work on Linux operating rate policy or all VSIE appear models with the Windows operating system. This device in itself fuses several devices and turns every TV set in the Mini PC, which goes far beyond the functions and limits of Smart TV. The owners of these devices can surf the Internet through them and use all the services available on the Internet. You can check and write emails, can use social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Skype, Viber and others) can watch movies online through various websites, but also to use Youtube, and any program that we all use every day, such as Excel, Word, Outlook and even advanced programs such as Photoshop, Illustrator, and others.

How to watch movies, series, and other video material?

Perhaps the main advantage of each Android based box is Kodi / XBMC platform through which you can access various audio-video contents. This platform operates on the principle of applications that are installed and which contain different content. Many international TV outlets such as Russia Today and CNN have their applications through which you can watch their live program, but also all TV shows on Pay per View or video on demand, which is a function that gives you the ability to watch shows that have passed. On the other hand, many applications allow viewing the immense database of movies and series, and for most, there are subtitles in all languages so that you could watch movies and series without worry so it will be a real pleasure. No more need to upload PC to TV. Now, you can run all that directly from your TV.

Most content is free

The Android environment has unrestricted access to applications and various services. When all this grows weary, you can just turn on the application and the fun can begin. And most importantly, most of this content is free. No monthly subscription or any hidden costs.

When you are finished with multimedia, you can return to its main functions. The Android environment gives you the ability to download any app from the Google Play Store, so you’ll be able to personalize the device. If you want to surf the Internet, you no longer need to switch on your computer or laptop. Now all you can do from your living room via your TV.

Many of us begin our business day by checking the e-mail address. There is a Gmail application that will allow you to easily access your email.

Final Verdict:

When out shopping for the latest box for your TV look no further. With super fast shipping and all the latest TV boxes on the market, Entertainment Box has it all. The idea of Android powered TV Box is your pleasant possibility to have a computer on your big screen. With unlimited options for apps, games, and the entire content PC already have. In one way of saying you don’t have to worry anymore when you are not close to your PC. With this product, your life will never be the same. After all, you will forget about your desktop PC. Because you will have a handy and perfect machine in your living room. And everything you have to do after you’re done with your job. Is to turn off your TV and turn it on again when you are ready. With an inferred remote controller or various other possibilities for wireless keyboard and mouse. You can do everything you always wanted from your favourite armchair.