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Problems with Instagram? How to contact without detours

Many of us who, at some point, have had a problem with our Instagram account. From technical failures or even worse ones such as spam or harassment. If at any time you have tried to contact Instagram, you will have realized that it is not an easy task. Therefore, today we want to show you what is the best way to get in touch with Instagram and, in addition, we will show you the solution to the main problems that you can have in this social network.

How to contact Instagram

We have already told you on other occasions that trying to locate a phone or email from companies such as Facebook or Twitter is an impossible task. But, in the case of Instagram it is different. If we search the internet we can find a phone number (+1 650 543 4800) and a email (support@instagram.com) direct with the technical support of this company. But we put you on notice from now on: it is more than likely that you will not receive any response by these routes.

As with the rest of social networks, respond to the problems of more than 1 billion active users in a month with Instagram it would be impossible to have a direct access point with them.

For this reason, and to help those users who have any failure or inconvenience in their service, this company has enabled a help Center which you can access from their website. This has the typical system of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) or frequently asked questions where they provide solutions through “tutorials” or simple explanations to all those common problems that users often have.

Common problems on Instagram and how to fix them

Now that you know where you can get in touch with this social network, it’s time to solve your problems. We have listed the main flaws or drawbacks what can you have in this social network and, together with them, we show you the possible solution to the problem.

Contact from the Instagram app on the mobile

One of the easiest ways to report a problem to Instagram is from your application. To do so, you just have to follow the following steps:

  • Access your profile and, here, enter the settings from the sandwich menu in the upper right corner.
  • Once here, enter the Help menu. From this you will have access to a multitude of solutions to common problems with the platform and its use.

Login problems and your profile

Some of the most common mistakes on Instagram are usually related to the login or in with your own profile. The most common are:

  • Report a problem with sign-in: this access lists all those problems related to the login, problems with email or with your own username.
  • Something is wrong: If you find something that does not work, here is the process to follow to try to solve it. Problems such as: the app crashes, problems when sharing something, error when creating or deleting a comment, etc.
  • Account disabled: if your account has been disabled due to an error, or because you have carried out an inappropriate practice for the rules of Instagram, this is the process you must follow to request its activation again.
  • Hacked account: If you believe or know for sure that your user account has been hacked by another user, follow this process.

Privacy issues and abuse

General errors when using the platform:

  • Phishing or spam: In the event that you detect that a user tries to scam you or does not stop sending you unwanted content, it is best that you report this problem directly to Instagram. This can be done directly from the link in the form to its website that we leave you, or from the Instagram app itself. To do this second process, whether you want to Report is a person, a post or a comment, locate the menu of the three points in each case and then click on «Report». After this, click on “It is spam” or “It is inappropriate” to clarify your specific case to the helpdesk.

  • Identity fraud: If you know for sure that someone is impersonating another person on this social network, this is the method you should follow to report it.
  • Privacy issues: In the specific case that you wish to file a complaint that affects the rights of image privacy, this form will allow you to detail everything and contact the platform directly.
  • Another user pretends to be you: If you find a profile or page that pretends to be you impersonating your identity, follow these tips.

These are the main problems you can find on Instagram at the level of general failures or problems. If you have other doubts, such as, for example, blocking other people to stop tagging you or preventing certain users from seeing your stories or publications, you can consult the rest of the articles that we have published on our website in relation to these topics.

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